HUMLA, May 15: Lakshu Bohora of Thehe village of Humla had grown up seeing only a particular community involved in tailoring occupation. Back then she used to think that it is not something she is supposed to do or would do in future. “I used to work in farms and at home. I did not have any other skill to earn for my family,” reminisces Bohora. “I never considered learning tailoring skills as it was perceived that the occupation was done by a specific caste that was considered untouchable.”

DHADING, Dec 10: Four years ago, while she was working as a maid in Kuwait, Tuk Maya Tamang of Sallebhanjyang village used to think that her life would never take any new course. She was not happy with her life but 'there was nothing much she could do'. She thought her life would not be better if she returned home. However, one day she returned home. After staying home for some time, she was not sure if she wanted to fly to Kuwait again. After remaining in dilemma for some time she finally decided to give a try to her skills and passion eight months ago. The 24-year-old, who loved rearing cattle, bought some goats and chicken. Thanks to her love and dedication, her poultry farm soon came to a form. The number of goats multiplied, too.

DHADING, Nov 7: Bhawani Karki, 21, did not have a sound health when she was born. Things did not improve even later. When she turned a toddler, she would fall when if she attempted to walk. She grew up with low self esteem and unfulfilled dreams, she says.