Recent police investigations have revealed that corruption didn’t spare even the sport of cricket which is known for its gentlemanly spirit and fair play. Organizing a press conference on Tuesday, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police revealed that evidence of ‘spot-fixing’ was found in the matches of the Nepal T-20 League which was held at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Ground from December 24 to January 11. At the press conference, the CIB revealed that 10 people – four Nepalis and six foreigners – were involved in spot-fixing and said that based on evidence collected from Whatsapp messages and phone call details, two Nepalis have already been arrested for their alleged involvement in the act of fixing.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Police investigation has revealed that 10 people were involved in spot-fixing in the Nepal T-20 League that was held recently at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Ground.

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: All-rounder Aadil Ansari and former cricketer Mehboob Alam are being brought to Kathmandu on their alleged involvement in spot-fixing in the Nepal T20 League.