A Belgian wildlife park is proudly announcing the birth of twin baby giant pandas.

RASUWA, April 17: On the 23rd wildlife week, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts celebrated the ninth birthday of a red panda to spread awareness about the importance of the endangered animal.

BERLIN, Oct 26: Zookeepers at Berlin’s main animal park are hoping to cure a young female panda’s habit of walking backwards by introducing her to one of life’s most precious pleasures: sex.

MYAGDI, August 28: Locals of Gurja in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality until recent used to hunt the endangered red pandas due to lack of awareness and identification.  Later, conservation campaigns conducted by various organizations made them realize the importance this rare species.

HONOLULU, Sept 5: Decades of conservation work in China have paid off for the giant panda, whose status was upgraded Sunday from "endangered" to "vulnerable" due to a population rebound, officials said.

Poaching of Red Pandas sans reason

August 12, 2016 12:30 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: Last Wednesday the police arrested 4 people with 9 Red Panda hides. It is the most number of arrests in a day but not the first time people were arrested for illegal possession of these hides.