KATHMANDU, July 3: Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahdur Deuba has condemned the series of bombings in Iraq on Sunday wherein 79 people were killed.

KATHMANDU, July 2: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh today said that it would be a true tribute to the late former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala once the constitution is put into practice fully.

KATHMANDU, July1: Main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) on Friday urged the government to immediately begin rescue works saying that heavy rains have caused floods and landslides across the country.

KATHMANDU, July 1: The Nepali Congress has demanded that the government take immediate measures to rescue the families affected by the flood and landslide triggered by incessant rains in different places of the country and provide them with relief assistance.

NEPALGUNJ, June 30: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that he is ready to take the helm of new government if the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML lend him support.

KATHMANDU, June 29: Leader of the major opposition Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba, has demanded that the government immediately implement the agreement reached on Tuesday to provide Rs 150,000 as first installment to every earthquake-hit household.

NC continues House obstruction

June 27, 2016 13:57 pm

KATHMANDU, June 27: The Nepali Congress (NC) has obstructed the meeting of Legislature-Parliament on Monday as well. The main opposition party said it obstructed the House as the government has turned a deaf ear to their demands.

NC to obstruct House today as well

June 27, 2016 13:20 pm

KATHMANDU, June 27: Nepali Congress (NC) is preparing to obstruct the meeting of Legislature-Parliament on Monday as well.

KATHMANDU, July 27:The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) obstructed the parliament meeting for the third consecutive day on Sunday, demanding immediate release of house rebuilding grant assistance to the quake victims in lump sum.

KATHMANDU, June 26: Minister for Information and Communications, Sherdhan Rai, has urged the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, to help resume the House as soon as possible.

NC obstructs House yet again

June 26, 2016 11:45 am

KATHMANDU, June 26: The Nepali Congress (NC) obstructed the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament for the second consecutive time on Sunday demanding that the government provides Rs 2 million to earthquake victims in a lump sum.

KATHMANDU, June 24: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba today accused the government of trying to impose totalitarianism under the guise of republic and democracy.

Kathmandu, June 24: The main opposition party – Nepali Congress – today presented a 22-point dissent letter citing political intervention and snail-pace activity in reconstruction with the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA).

KATHMANDU, June 24: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is addressing Parliament on Friday.

KATHMANDU, June 24:Main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) obstructed the parliament meeting on Thursday, demanding government's answer on the progress on grants distribution to the earthquake victims for the reconstruction of their damaged houses.

KATHMANDU, June 23: The main opposition party Nepali Congress has obstructed a Legislature-Parliament meeting on Thursday, accusing the government of discriminating quake victims on the ground of their political beliefs.

KATHMANDU, June 20: The Nepali Congress (NC) has condemned the ruthless suicide bomb attack that killed 14 innocent Nepalis in  Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, on early Monday.

KATHMANDU, June 18: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and president of the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba have today held talks on resolving the dispute over the Legislature-Parliament Business Operation Regulations.

KATHMANDU, June 16: With the flexibility shown by main opposition Nepali Congress (NC), major political parties are likely to endorse the much-awaited parliament's new regulation from the next House meeting on Sunday.