SAPTARI, Jan 5: They are Mushahars, one of the marginalized communities in Saptari and Siraha districts who live hand to mouth. Most of them are also called ‘haruwa’ or ‘charuwa’ and the tag itself defines the nature of their work and lifestyle.

SIRAHA, Dec 3: Though the election fever has touched every nook and corner of the district, the Mushahar settlement of Naraha rural municipity-1 in the district is still not touched by it.

MAHOTTARI, April 14: On Friday, 53 members of the backward Musahar community of Bardibas-1 in Mahottari district received new houses on the occasion of Nepali New Year. Prior to this, the Musahars here were forced to live in temporary shelters following the devastating earthquakes of 2015.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Lack of education is considered among the many problems hindering the progress of people of Musahar communities, a sub-group of Tarai Dalits. Now the situation seems to be gradually changing for the better as more numbers of students from the community are showing participation in higher level education.