Movie Review : Romeo and Muna

July 31, 2018 08:24 am

Written and directed by Naresh Kumar KC, Romeo and Muna is a romantic love saga that captivates the viewers’ attention through its impressive storyline punched with light humor. The innovative concept, fair cinematography with a series of strong dialogues and romantic numbers like Pal Pal, Bhedetar Ghumaula and Timrai Lagi ho keeps the viewers entertained throughout the movie.

UAE, August 16: Muna Dangi was at the Dubai Airport on Sunday evening. She was going to leave for Kuwait. She arrived in Dubai on August 6, 2017. She was kept at a room in the house of one local by the human trafficker for seven days. Fortunately, she met one Nepali sister Dipika Bhandari while she was waiting for the airplane before leaving for Kuwait.