Step into the lush landscapes of tropical rainforests or the wide-open spaces of savannas, and you might witness a captivating show unfolding high in the treetops – the world of monkeys. These clever creatures, distant relatives to humans, bring joy and wonder to the wild. Today, let's learn about monkeys – their different types, special traits, their problems, and the important work being done to keep them safe.

27 monkeys drown in pond

October 2, 2022 14:33 pm

ARGHAKHANCHI, Oct 2: As many as 27 monkeys were found dead in a pond, probably due to drowning, at Argha of Sandhikharka-9 in Arghakhanchi district.

KATHMANDU, March 30: As the extended nationwide lockdown enters its second week, the bustling Pashupatinath Temple has no visitors.

Call of the wild

February 2, 2020 08:37 am

We had a dog which often followed whenever any member of the family went to the fold in the field in a distance from the village. When the dog was around, I loved to pelt stones, twigs, and earthen clumps at the monkeys that would appear in the field during winter even though there were no crops to destroy. It was my favorite pastime. The inner ape in me made resurgence upon noticing the macaques when our dog was around as I had found a dependable ally and protector in it. We were a team together.

56 monkeys trapped in four days

February 25, 2019 05:00 am

KHOTANG, Feb 25: As a part of a campaign to protect crops, Indian hunters deployed by the local government have managed to catch 56 monkeys in Khotang in just four days.

BAITADI, Mar 12: As many as 200 locals of Dashrathchand Municipality gathered near the turn at Kaluwad on Saturday holding sticks, whistles and catapults in their hands.