CARACAS, Aug 5: In Venezuela’s inflation-hit economy, a single U.S. dollar can buy 3.5 million liters of gasoline — an absurdity that the government says it will tackle with a hike in the cost of state-subsidized fuel.

In Nepal’s first oil spill accident, police of Udayapur at Ghurmi are in high alert of possible fire.

UDAYAPUR, Dec 20: By Tuesday evening, police confiscated large quantity of illegal liquor, raw materials and utensils from Babari tole of Triyuga municipality-10, Khotang.

Police destroy 5,000 liters of hooch

October 13, 2017 01:30 am

PARBAT, Oct 13: The District Police Office (DPO), Parbat destroyed around 5,000 liters of hooch illegally distilled alcohol in the district on Wednesday.

POKHARA, June 24: The country is seeing shortage of fresh milk due to lack of grants for farmers and dairy producers, according to dairy stakeholders.

BARA, March 5: Police today destroyed around 14,000 liters of home-made liquor seized from houses of five locals during a raid at Prasauni VDC in Bara.

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Though a person needs 135 liter of water in a day, daily per capita water supply in Kathmandu Valley is only around 34 liters.