NEW DELHI, July 21: India’s excess deaths during the pandemic could be a staggering 10 times the official COVID-19 toll, likely making it modern India’s worst human tragedy, according to the most comprehensive research yet on the ravages of the virus in the South Asian country.

NEW DELHI, July 17: India on Saturday reported 38,079 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, taking the nationwide tally to 31.06 million, health ministry data showed.

July 15 (Reuters) - India reported on Thursday 41,806 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, health ministry data showed, with deaths rising by 581.

MUMBAI, July 14: The failure of China and India to resolve the standoff over their disputed border in the western Himalayas, despite an agreement last year, is not in the interest of either side, India's foreign minister told his Chinese counterpart on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, July 12: The Investment Board Nepal (IBN) on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding with SJVN Limited, India, to conduct a detailed project study of the 679 MW Lower Arun Hydroelectric Project.

MUMBAI, July 11: Twitter Inc's (TWTR.N) India unit appointed a resident grievance officer, days after designating a chief compliance officer, to meet new IT rules in the country, amid tensions with the government.

With the entering into force of the LoE, all authorized cargo train operators which includes public and private container train operators, automobile freight train operators, special freight train operators or any other operator authorized by Indian Railways will be able to utilize the Indian railway network to carry Nepal's containers and other freight – both bilateral between India and Nepal or third country from the Indian ports to Nepal.

INDIA, July 3: Phase-III trials of a vaccine made by India's Bharat Biotech showed it was 93.4% effective against severe symptomatic COVID-19, the firm said on Saturday, a finding that could boost people's acceptance of Covaxin.

MUMBAI/AHMEDABAD July 3: India's official death toll from the coronavirus topped 400,000 on Friday, though experts say the actual number of dead could have reached one million or even higher, with a possible third wave of infections looming.

KATHMANDU, July 1: India has lifted the ban on the import of palm oil that had been in place since June last year.

NEW DELHI, June 27, June 27: India's daily COVID-19 infections rose by 50,040 on Sunday, official data showed, as concerns grew about the detection of the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus in some states.

BENGALURU, June 26: India's richest state on Friday ordered malls and cinema halls to close as it scrambles to control a more transmissible variant of the coronavirus that has scuppered plans to ease lockdown measures.

BENGALURU, June 21:  India gave out a record 5 million vaccine doses on Monday under a federal campaign to inoculate all adults for free after weeks of criticism that a chaotic rollout had worsened a second wave that killed hundreds of thousands.

LUCKNOW, India June 18:  Police in India have summoned Twitter’s top official in the country to answer allegations that the U.S. firm did not stop the spread of a video that allegedly spread “hate and enmity”, according to an official police notice seen by Reuters.

KATHMANDU, June 16: Former Prime Minister (PM) Jhalnath Khanal is flying to the capital of India, Delhi, on Wednesday afternoon for further treatment.

INDIA, June 9: Many more men in India have received COVID-19 vaccines than women, government data showed on Tuesday, highlighting gender disparity in the country’s immunisation drive that has also disadvantaged the rural population.

NEW DELHI, June 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the Indian federal government would provide COVID-19 vaccines free of charge to all adults from later this month in an effort to turn the tide of a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands in India.

KATHMANDU, June 6: The opposition alliance has said that the controversial decision taken by the government to export stones and pebbles to India to minimize trade deficit is aimed at appeasing a foreign country and using the national resources for vested interests to prolong its stay in power.

The then Indian Foreign Minister Natwar Singh's visit was well-received in Kathmandu, at least at the government level. The all-powerful King himself welcomed Foreign Minister Singh at the palace gate - a gesture which was generally reserved only for the heads of state. King Gyanendra, during the conference with Singh, besides dwelling on the  Maoist insurgency and security situation, also praised Sonia Gandhi for sacrificing Prime Ministerial seat despite her party enjoying a majority in parliament.

INDIA, June 3: India's government said on Thursday it has inked a deal with domestic vaccine maker Biological-E for 300 million COVID-19 vaccine doses for 15 billion rupees ($205.62 million).

COVID-19 death rate in every million population in Nepal found more than double than that of India

NEW DELHI, May 29: India reported on Saturday 173,790 new coronavirus infections during the previous 24 hours, its lowest daily rise in 45 days, while deaths rose by 3,617.

KATHMANDU, May 27: The infection rate from the second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has decreased in the last few days in India. There are currently 2,419,107 active cases of COVID-19 in the country.

NEW DELHI, May 26: A powerful cyclone destroyed tens of thousands of mud houses in eastern India on Wednesday, forcing the closure of the busiest regional airport in Kolkata, as it brought storm surges to coastal areas, the second such event within a week.

KATHMANDU, May 26: India has said that the dissolution of parliament and subsequent political developments in Kathmandu are Nepal's 'internal affairs'.

NEW DELHI, May 26: More than 1.1 million people have evacuated low-lying areas before a cyclone hits part of India’s eastern coast around midday Wednesday.

INDIA, May 25: India on Tuesday posted 196,427 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, its lowest daily rise in infections since April 14, while deaths from COVID-19 rose by 3,511.

INDIA, May 25: A rapid rise in cases of mucormycosis, also known as black fungus, has added to the challenges faced by India's healthcare system as it deals with a massive second wave of COVID-19 infections.

The two major Indian cities-- Delhi and Mumbai-- that have been hit the hardest by the second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease have seen a decrease in the infection rate since the past few weeks.

NEW DELHI, May 24: India's overall death toll from COVID-19 crossed 300,000 on Monday, as it reported 4,454 deaths over the last 24 hours.

INDIA, May 23: India’s capital New Delhi will start relaxing its strict coronavirus lockdown next week if new cases continue to drop in the city, its chief minister said on Sunday.

NEW DELHI, May 23: Personal data of an unspecified number of travelers has been comprised after a company that serves India’s national carrier was hacked, Air India said.

INDIA, May 20: India reported on Thursday 276,110 new coronavirus infections over the last 24 hours, while deaths rose by 3,874.

INDIA, May 19: The Indian Navy mounted a massive air and sea rescue mission on Tuesday for 79 oil workers and crew whose barge sank in heavy seas following a powerful cyclone that tore up the west coast killing at least 29 people.

NEW DELHI, May 18: India total COVID-19 caseload surged past 25 million on Tuesday as a powerful cyclone complicated the health crisis in one of the states where the disease is spreading most quickly.

Black fungus affects individuals with low immunity like elderly people, cancer, diabetic and organ transplant patients. The incidence of black fungus is increasing in post COVID-19 patients because of the use of steroids, immunomodulatory drugs like Tocilizumab, and a prolonged use of humidified oxygen in hospitals.

NEW DELHI, May 17: India reported a further decline in new coronavirus cases on Monday, but daily deaths remained above 4,000 and experts said the count was unreliable due to a lack of testing in rural areas where the virus is spreading fast.

NEW DELHI, May 16; Some Indian states said on Sunday they would extend COVID-19 lockdowns to help contain the pandemic, which has killed more than 270,000 people in the country, as the federal government pledged to bolster vaccine supplies.

INDIA, May 16: Bodies of COVID-19 victims have been found dumped in some Indian rivers, a state government letter seen by Reuters says, in the first official acknowledgement of the alarming practice, which it said may stem from poverty and fear of the disease in remote areas.

NEW DELHI, May 15: India reported on Saturday its smallest daily increase in coronavirus infections in nearly three weeks, but deaths stayed near the 4,000-mark as the World Health Organisation warned that the second year of the pandemic could be worse than the first.

INDIA, May 14: ndia on Friday reported 343,144 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, taking its overall caseload past the 24 million mark, while deaths from COVID-19 rose by 4,000.

NEW DELHI, May 13: India recorded more than 4,000 COVID-19 deaths for a second straight day on Thursday, while infections stayed below 400,000 for a fourth day, though the virus has become rampant in rural areas where cases can go unreported due to a lack of testing.

INDIA, May 13: India had 362,727 new COVID-19 infections over the last 24 hours while deaths climbed by 4,120, taking the toll to 258,317, health ministry data showed.

INDIA, May 12: India said on Wednesday a record number of people were killed by the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, pushing its overall death toll over a quarter million, while a leading virologist said it was too early to say if infections had reached a peak.

INDIA, May 12: Scores of bodies are washing up on the banks of the Ganges as Indians fail to keep pace with the deaths and cremations of around 4,000 people a day from the novel coronavirus.

INDIA, May 11: Indian coronavirus infections and deaths held close to record daily highs on Monday, increasing calls for the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lock down the world’s second-most populous country.

INDIA, May 10: India will recruit hundreds of former army medics to support its overwhelmed healthcare system, the defence ministry said on Sunday, as the country grapples with record COVID-19 infections and deaths amid calls for a complete nationwide lockdown.

KATHMANDU, May 9: Nepal’s COVID-19 test positivity rate and transmission rate are found almost double than that of India.

KATHMANDU, May 9: 65 Nepali doctors, pursuing medical education at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), have been working to defeat the pandemic in India without receiving a single penny for more than a year.

INDIA, May 7: Hopes that India’s rampaging second wave of COVID-19 is peaking were set back on Thursday as record daily infections and deaths were reported and as the virus spread from cities to villages that were poorly equipped to cope.