'Singha Durbars' in rented houses

May 22, 2018 07:15 am

ROLPA, May 22: It has been a year since the formation of the local governments but still the local units have been managing their offices in rented rooms and buildings. The enthusiasm and excitement that the representatives had in the beginning has evaporated of late. They are not happy with the fact that they have been performing their duties and offering services from rented buildings.

MUGU, August 24: Locals of Mugu district still remember how difficult it was for them to seek services from the local government bodies. Locals of all the VDCs needed to reach the district headquarters even for a minor service. Due to the bureaucratic hassles, they had long yearned for local representatives with hopes that it would ease the lengthy process. Their wish got fulfilled after the local level elections of May 14. But, the scenario has not changed event to this day.