Tikapur dolphins attract tourists

August 6, 2019 03:30 am

TIKAPUR, Aug 6: John Spates of England had come to Nepal for the first time in 2006. The most exciting thing he did then was watch dolphins in Tikapur. Since then, he has been coming to Nepal every year for the same purpose. This year, too, he came for the same reason and left last Wednesday.

TIKAPUR, Sept 7: Just a decade ago, dolphins were easily spotted in five various rivers of Kailali. There were many dolphins in Karnali, Mohana, Patharaiya, Kanda and Kandra rivers.Of late, however, the numbers of dolphins has significantly diminished. People can hardly spot dolphins in these rivers these days.

TIKAPUR, April 2: With the decrease in the number of fish in the Karnali River, endangered dolphins have been pushed to the verge of extinction. This has compelled some activists and dolphin conservationists to raise voice for the conservation of fishes.