Skin is very sensitive organ and any harmful chemical can damage your skin, hence there are numerous things that should be considered before buying cosmetic products.

Debunking myths

February 4, 2018 01:05 am

Western feminism started in the late 19th century. Hindu societies had ensured women’s rights during the Vedic age.

Debunking myths

December 22, 2017 07:53 am

From using the right hair pack to restore its shine and smoothness to buying good quality products for our skin, there are many things we do to make sure our skin and hair are in top-notch shape. While some tricks are really good for us, there are quite a few myths that guide our beauty rituals as well. To separate facts from fiction, The Week sought the help of Hair and Skin expert Sanjana Pandey of Berry Beautik in Satdobato, Lalitpur. Here she sheds light on a few beauty beliefs that are indeed myths and tells us what we should be doing instead.

Debunking breast cancer myths

October 27, 2017 09:14 am

Cancer is a scary thing but, with the advance in medical technology, a lot of cancers are now treatable and that is true of breast cancer as well, which is one of the most common types of cancers in women. But as with all types of cancers, early detection and treatment play a huge role in effectively getting rid of the cancerous cells. Though there is a lot of awareness now about breast cancer, there are still some myths that blind side you from the risks.