KATHMANDU, June 30: Sudan Gurung, a 35 years old man participating in the Satyagraha being organized by the campaigners of Enough is Enough was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU. Oct 6: It was the 209th week of the Bishnumati River cleanup campaign today. Although the cleaning campaign has continued for long, the continuation of major river pollutant- emptying drainpipe with human excreta in the river- has been ignored for long, which has irked the campaigners.

KOHALPUR, Dec 4: Door-to-door canvassing is widely popular among various political party candidates contesting assembly and parliamentary elections in the district. Despite the popularity of the method, political parties are facing a new problem.

Kathmandu, Dec 1: The Election Commission (EC) has urged the election campaigners to not use the photos of martyrs to seek votes.  The EC also directed the respective District Administration Offices, security agencies, and election observers to remove any photos of martyrs, and take actions against those screening videos and posting audios of movements for vote.

KATHMANDU, July 31:The exponents of Nepalmandal have stressed on the need to develop the Kathmandu Valley as a tourist city rich in its historic and cultural legacy.

KATHMANDU, April 23: The campaigners of the Bagmati Clean-Up Campaign have urged one and all not to understand this weekly drive as a politically-driven one.

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: ‘Save Ganga Maya Campaign’ has warned of moving International Criminal Court (ICC) if the government fails to arrest Chabilal Tiwari, the main accused of murdering Krishna Prasad Adhikari, immediately.