SURKHET, June 21: The Karnali provincial government is preparing to introduce an integrated policy for the endangered Raute community. The Ministry of Social Development is preparing to formulate a Raute policy for the socialization of the Raute community by preserving their unique culture and traditions.

SURKHET, June 6: Police have arrested three persons for sexually abusing young women of the Raute community living a nomadic life in the forests. According to the Surkhet Police, three persons including Chaman Gharti (Jogi) of Gurbhakot Municipality-9 have been arrested for sexually abusing two young women of Raute community living in Anpsoti of Gurbhakot Municipality. The accused allegedly sexually abused, recorded and made the video public through Facebook after getting them drunk in a hotel.

SURKHET, March 2: The Karnali Province government is preparing to form a committee for the protection of the Raute community, which has been living a nomadic life in the forests. Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi said that the provincial government was going to form a committee to guarantee food, shelter and security to the Raute community.