BIRENDRANAGAR, Jan 20: A girl from Raute community, who was taken ill for a month, has died. Durga Shahi, a 12-year-old Raute girl, died on Thursday night in Raute settlement.

KATHMANDU, Oct 11: In a program held in Patan, Lalitpur, the launch of 'Living in the Mist', a poignant body of work by Kishor Sharma, took place, accompanied by an exhibition, on Wednesday.

KARNALI, April 26: Karnali Province Chief Tilak Pariyar has urged the Indigenous and Nationalities Commission to take initiatives to bring the Raute community into the mainstream of the State.

DAILEKH, April 23: Authorities concerned have demanded proper management of the Raute community. The government should accord high priorities to the nomadic group, they said.

DAILEKH, Oct 2: The Raute community in Dailekh is geared up to celebrate the Dashain festival. Rautes who live a nomadic life were staying at the highland of Mangarh Bayutada of Bhagawatimai-1 for a month before shifting to near the Bestada Bazaar that lies in the downhill of the same ward of the same municipality a week ago.

SURKHET, May 13: The people of the Raute community who live a nomadic life in the jungles have been deprived of their right to vote in the local elections this time around as well. Although Gurans Rural Municipality of Dailekh had distributed temporary identity cards to the Rautes four years ago, the members of the community have not received citizenship certificates.

SURKHET, June 21: The Karnali provincial government is preparing to introduce an integrated policy for the endangered Raute community. The Ministry of Social Development is preparing to formulate a Raute policy for the socialization of the Raute community by preserving their unique culture and traditions.

SURKHET, June 6: Police have arrested three persons for sexually abusing young women of the Raute community living a nomadic life in the forests. According to the Surkhet Police, three persons including Chaman Gharti (Jogi) of Gurbhakot Municipality-9 have been arrested for sexually abusing two young women of Raute community living in Anpsoti of Gurbhakot Municipality. The accused allegedly sexually abused, recorded and made the video public through Facebook after getting them drunk in a hotel.

SURKHET, March 2: The Karnali Province government is preparing to form a committee for the protection of the Raute community, which has been living a nomadic life in the forests. Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi said that the provincial government was going to form a committee to guarantee food, shelter and security to the Raute community.