KATHMANDU, August 12: Janai Purnima, one of the biggest festivals of Hindus, is being observed across the country today.

KATHMANDU, March 2: As many as one million revelers offered prayers at the Pashupatinath main temple on Mahashivaratri festival on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, March 1: Minister for Home Affairs, Bal Krishna Khand went to the Pashupatinath Temple and paid homage to Lord Shiva on the occasion of the Mahashivaratri festival today.

Mauritian Ambassador visits Nepal

March 1, 2022 11:40 am

KATHMANDU, MARCH 1: A Mauritius delegation led by newly-appointed Ambassador to Nepal, Shanti Bai Hanumanji, has arrived in Kathmandu on a week-long visit. The six-member delegation is scheduled to visit Pashupati area on the occasion of the Mahashivaratri festival.

Preparation for Maha Shivaratri concludes

February 27, 2022 15:35 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 27: The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has stated that all the preparations have been completed for the Mahashivaratri festival to be observed on Tuesday in the Pashupatinath area.

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: Pashupatinath-Kashi Vishvanath Amrit Mahotsav Motorcycle Rally was flagged off today jointly by Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prem Bahadur Ale and Ambassador of India Vinay Mohan Kwatra from the sacred Pashupatinath Temple. Nearly 50 Indian and Nepali motorbike enthusiasts have participated in the rally.

Bollywood actors have come to Kathmandu for the shooting of the film 'Unchai'. Actress Parineeti Chopra, actor Anupam Kher and Boman Irani have come to Kathmandu. Anupam Kher has posted a video of his visit to Pashupatinath on Tuesday on social media.

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: On the occasion of Teej, women thronged to the Pashupatinath Temple on Thursday despite the closure of the temple to worship Lord Shiva.

KATHMANDU, August 16: The infection rate of COVID-19 infection is increasing on a daily basis across the country. Prohibitory order has been enforced to some extent in the capital and the administration has been urging the residents to avoid large gatherings to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

KATHMANDU, July 20: A huge flock of devotees was witnessed at the Pashupatinath Temple area on Monday.

KATHMANDU, March 30: As the extended nationwide lockdown enters its second week, the bustling Pashupatinath Temple has no visitors.

Nostalgia: A view of Pashupatinath area

November 16, 2019 15:41 pm

A view of the Pashupatinath area in this undated photo.

KATHMANDU, Sept 2: President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Monday evening reached Pashupatinath Temple to worship on the occasion of Teej festival.

PADT sees tree plantation

August 9, 2019 16:42 pm

KATHMANDU, August 9: A tree transplantation program was held today at the Pashupatinath area, the UNESCO world heritage site, with a view to promoting the ecological conservation of the area.

Though non-hindus are prohibited inside the Pashupatinath complex, they are allowed outside the temple complex. Moreover, people from different walks of life visit the area for the serenity that this place offers.

KATHMANDU, July 22: A large number of Hindu devotees especially women have thronged the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu from early morning today to worship on the first Monday of the holy month of Shrawan as per the Nepali calendar.

KATHMANDU, June 6: The Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu owns 9.276 kg of gold and 1.3 billion rupees in cash, a report has revealed.


March 16, 2019 18:40 pm


KATHMANDU, March 4: The Metropolitan Police Range Office (MPRO), Kathmandu, has decided to enforce the blanket ban on the consumption of marijuana in the Pashupatinath temple area on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.

Jay Shambhoo! Mahashivaratri today

March 4, 2019 07:00 am

KATHMANDU, Mar 4: Hindu devotees all over the country today are celebrating the great festival of Mahashivaratri by worshipping Lord Shiva at various rivers, ponds and temples since early this morning.

March 3: 6 things to know by 6 PM

March 3, 2019 18:00 pm

Your daily dose of missed important news of the day.

KATHMANDU, Mar 2: The final preparations for this year Mahashivaratri are underway at Pashupatinath.


December 8, 2018 18:40 pm

The week in pictures December 2 - December 8.

KATHMANDU, Dec 7: Over 500,000 Hindu devotees thronged the Pashupatinath temple on the occasion of Balachaturdashi to pay homage to the deceased souls in their families and for their eternal peace.

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: Hindu devotees across the country have thronged in Pashupatinath temple and to other Hindu shrines from early morning today to pay homage to their near and dear ones, who died over the last one year, on the occasion of Bala Chaturdashi.

Yamuna Giri, 88, and Jyanu Giri, 82, (They changed their names after becoming sannyasini) have been living together as sannyasinis (hindu nuns) at the Pashupatinath Ashram for over eight years.

KATHMANDU, Oct 29: Visiting Malaysian Minister for Human Resources M Kulasegaran has visited the Pashupatinath Temple this morning.

KATHMANDU, Aug 26: Marking 'Janai Purnima', also known as 'Rishi Tarpani', thousands of devotees worship Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and at Kumbheswar in Lalitpur and other Shiva temples across the country and take holy dips in ponds and lakes and rivers.

KATHMANDU, July 30: Shrawan is also known as the month of Bol Bam. The month of Shrawan in the Hindu calendar is considered as auspicious period to worship Lord Shiva.

KATHMANDU, May 12: After paying homage at Muktinath Temple early morning today, visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, April 23: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has performed special worship along with the panchamrit snan rituals at Pashupatinath and Basuki temples today, after her election to the high post for the second time.

Pashupatinath on Maha Shivaratri

February 14, 2018 10:45 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Maha Shivaratri is known as the favorite day of Lord Shiva. There are various legends and myths associated with this day.

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: As Hindus are marking Maha Shivaratri on Tuesday, devotees across the country and from the different part of the world are gathering in Kathmandu to celebrate the holy festival at Pashupatinath.

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: Devotees from various places of the country and neighboring India have thronged Pashupatinath Temple since early Tuesday morning to offer prayers on Maha Shivaratri.

Sadhus in Pashupatinath (Photo feature)

February 12, 2018 17:00 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: As Hindus are marking Maha Shivaratri on Tuesday, devotees across the country and from the different part of the world are gathering in Kathmandu to celebrate the holy festival at Pashupatinath.

KATHMANDU, Dec 26: If you are taking your vehicle to the Pashupatinath to pay obeisance to Lord Mahadev, STOP. You will have to park your car at Bankali lawns and then proceed towards the temple as the Pashupatinath temple periphery has been declared 'No Entry' zone for vehicles.

KATHMANDU, August 24: Female devotees have started thronging Pashupatinath Temple from today morning to celebrate Haritalika Teej festival.

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: Around 600,000 devotees offered worship to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath Temple on the occasion of the Mahashivaratri festival on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: Devotees have thronged Pashupatinath to observe the Mahashivaratri festival since early Friday morning.

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: The Pashupatinath – one of the most revered Hindu God Shiva's temple – was opened for public at 3:30 am this morning to mark the Mahashivaratri or the 'Great night of Shiva'.

KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Four different routes have been fixed for devotees to offer worship to the Lord Pashupatinath on Mahashivaratri festival, which falls on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has made announcements to renovate and reconstruct the crematorium based on the premises of Pashupatinath Temple on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, has expressed India's willingness to assist in the reconstruction of the Ghats in the Pashupatinath Temple premises.

KATHMANDU,   Nov 3: Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, who is on a three-day state visit to Nepal, has performed a special pooja at Pashupatinath Temple on Thursday morning.

KATHMANDU, Oct 30: Preparations for the special puja to be performed by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee at Pashupatinath temple are underway.

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: Hindu women across the country are observing the Rhishipanchami festival today as per the rituals. The festival, the concluding day of the Teej, is observed on the fifth day of bright half moon of the month of Bhadra.

Happy Teej! : Women throng Pashupatinath

September 4, 2016 14:00 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 4: Women devotees started thronging the Pashupatinath temple from as early as 3 am on Sunday for the celebration of Haritalika Teej festival.

KATHMANDU, Aug. 18: The tagadharis or those who wear the 'Janai' (the sacred thread) around their bodies from the left shoulder change the sacred thread today after having a haircut and a bath on the occasion of 'Janai Purnima', also known as 'Rishi Tarpani'.

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Hindu devotees thronged the Pashupatinath Temple since early morning today to observe the last Monday of the month Shrawan of the Nepali calendar.

Hindu devotees have thronged the Pashupatinath Temple since early Monday today to observe the fourth Monday of the month Shrawan of the Nepali calendar.