Jaleshwar shut down for five days

August 1, 2020 13:20 pm

JALESHWAR, August 1: A five-day prohibitory order has been imposed in Jaleswar, the headquarters of Mahottari district, to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The drastic step was taken after community transmission of the deadly virus was reported.

GAUSHALA, Sept 24: Rastriya Janata Party –Nepal candidates have won the mayoral and deputy mayoral posts in Jaleshwar Municipality in Mahottari district.

MAHOTARI, Nov 16: Local business of Jaleshwar municipality has been declining since the last four months due to the municipality's decision to operate city buses to connect nearby villages. Although the operation of buses should have helped the business boom, the bus operators plying only on one particular route instead of the initially proposed three routes has been hampering the local business.