DHANGADI / BAITADI, April 2: As thousands of people have come home from India in recent days without their health conditions being tested and they are also not undergoing home quarantine as instructed by the government , the far western region appears to be at very high risk of a Covid-19 outbreak. At the same time, there are thousands more stranded across the border and desperate to come home.

KANCHANPUR, Oct 8: Kanchanpur is reeling under a high risk of malaria due to open border with India. Number of patients entering into the country with malaria epidemic from India is on the rise every year.

BHIMDUTTANAGAR, Sept 27: The first six tourists from different countries entering Nepal from the Gaddachauki checkpoint received a warm welcome marked by fanfare. Gaddachauki is a transit point on Nepal-India border in the far-west.

MAHENDRANAGAR, July 24: Kanchanpur-based Gaddachauki Custom Office has collected 70 million more in revenue than the target set in the fiscal year 2073/74 BS.