JHAPA, March 12: A weeklong mass campaign on drug consumption against elephantiasis has began in Jhapa from today.

GALKOT, Jan 26: Lymphatic filariasis, commonly known as Elephantiasis, has emerged as a health challenge again in Baglung. Just before the start of the 12th phase of the Elephantiasis prevention campaign, the disease was found in Narayanthan of Balewa and Kushisera of Jaimini village in the district.

BAGLUNG, Feb 27: In order to eradicate the devastating elephantiasis disease, District Public Health Office (DPHO), Baglung is going to launch yet another campaign from Wednesday against elephantiasis.

LAMGUNJ, Feb 8: The government has planned to provide elephantiasis medication to 150,000 people in the district. The three-day campaign will kick off on 24 February.

JHAPA, April  14: More people in Jhapa took the medication preventing elephantiasis in 2073 BS compared to the previous year.

JHAPA, March 21: Government’s continuous efforts to eradicate elephantiasis have not been able to achieve desired results. Health workers share that educated people are the most reluctant to vaccination.