One dies of dengue infection in Chitwan

September 29, 2022 11:41 am

CHITWAN, Sept 29: A woman died of dengue infection in Chitwan.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Pathao, a popular ride sharing service, is going to start its operation in Chitwan from September 24. It is expanding its service outside the capital for the first time in Chitwan.

Dengue claims a life in Chitwan

September 20, 2022 12:42 pm

CHITWAN, Sept 20: Dengue has claimed a life in Ratnanagar of Chitwan. The deceased has been identified as a 27-year-old man of Ratnanagar-1.

One killed in tiger attack

September 11, 2022 11:47 am

Chitwan, Sept 11:: A senior citizen was killed in a tiger attack in Madi. The deceased has been identified as Suryanath Adhikari, 68.

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced that he will contest the November 20 elections from Chitwan.

CHITWAN, August 24: Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has arrived in Chitwan for the first time after the announcement of the upcoming House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly elections.

CHITWAN, July 26: A man was injured in a rhino attack in Chitwan. Kundan Lama, 31, of Ratnanagar Municipality-8, who was picking fiddlehead (neuro) in the Bagmara Community Forest, was attacked and injured by a rhinoceros at 10 AM today (Tuesday).

BHARATPUR, July 26: Chitwan district has recorded a rise in the cases of sexual violence for three years. The incidents of rape and child sexual abuse are on the rise in the district, according to District Police Chief Nabaraj Adhikari.

Narayangath-Muglin road blocked

July 23, 2022 09:07 am

MUGLIN, July 23: Narayangath-Muglin road section has been blocked due to landslides. Two-way traffic on the road has been blocked due to a landslide at Ichchakamana-5 Kharekhola in Chitwan today at 8:10 am, according to the District Police Office, Chitwan.

KATHMANDU, July 20: The number of retailers selling pesticides in Chitwan is rising. As farmers are increasingly relying on the use of pesticides, the number of sellers, too, has grown.

CHITWAN, July 19: Chitwan district reported 213 cases of dengue last fiscal year. These cases of mosquito-borne disease were recorded out of the total 3,564 tests carried out in the district from mid-July 2021 to mid-July 2022

KATHMANDU, JULY 14: Farmers have been earning good incomes by producing seeds in Chitwan. Farmers of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-14, Patihani, have been earning more than Rs 65 million annually by producing original seeds. Umanath Poudel, chairman of the Advanced Seed Growing Farmers Group, said that the farmers have earned an annual income of Rs 65.36 million by producing paddy, wheat, zucchini, lentils and kidney bean seeds.

CHITWAN, July 8: The Supreme Court has ordered the authorities to stop the distribution of driver's licenses from Chitwan. The court, on July 5, ordered to halt the entire process until further notice after a petition was filed alleging irregularities.

CHITWAN, July 5: The practical examination (trial) for the driver's license will be held for the first time in a district. Preparations have been made to take the exam from the second week of July in Chitwan.

Man drowns in river

July 4, 2022 16:20 pm

CHITWAN, July 4: A man has died while bathing in a river in Chitwan. Suraj Basnet, 32, of Hetauda Sub-metropolitan died after being drowned and swept away by the Dumre River in Khairahani Municipality Monday morning.

CHITWAN, July 4: A controversy has risen over organizing a picnic for elephants in Sauraha, a tourist destination of Chitwan.  The Sauraha Tourism Promotion and Wildlife Habitat Management Committee said that only a few private and government elephants were called for the picnic on Thursday without coordination with the elephant traders in Sauraha.

Woman injured in tiger attack

July 2, 2022 14:30 pm

CHITWAN, July 2: A woman was injured in a tiger attack in Chitwan district.

CHITWAN, JUNE 29: The production of spring paddy has been increasing in Chitwan due to mechanization, quality seeds, management of farmers and awareness. According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Chitwan, the production of spring paddy has increased by 20 percent in the last four years.

CHITWAN, June 20: Three people have died after rape in Chitwan. According to the statistical report published by INSEC, three have died in the duration of six months. The INSEC has stated that three from Rapti-1, Khairhani-10 and Ichhyakamana-3 have died during their treatment in Bharatpur hospital after they were raped

Traffic resumes on Prithvi Highway

June 18, 2022 08:56 am

MUGLIN, June 18: The Prithvi Highway has come into operation. It remained shut since last night due to landslides at Ghopte Bhir and Thadekhola in Ichchakama-4 of Chitwan.

Chitwan, June 15: A section of the Prithvi Highway along the Ichhya Kamana Rural Municipality of Chitwan has been blocked. A landslide that occurred at the Ichhya Kamana-4 Ghoptebhir today (Wednesday) at 2PM has left two-way traffic disrupted.

CHITWAN, June 9: Five people were injured when a Scorpio hit a truck parked in Chitwan. The Scorpio crashed into the truck parked on the East-West Highway at Belsi Bridge in Ratnanagar Municipality-3 at 4:20 AM today (Thursday).

CHITWAN, June 2: Chitwan district exports as much as 174,800 liters of milk daily. According to the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Center Chitwan, 55 percent of the milk produced in the district is exported to other districts in the country.

Car knocks youth dead in Chitwan

June 2, 2022 09:31 am

CHITWAN, June 2: An Indian car has knocked down a youth at Khairahani in the eastern Chitwan. The deceased has been identified as Biswas Gurung, 31, a permanent resident of Kalika Municipality-4. He was residing in Khairahani Municipality-8.

ARGHAKHANCHI, May 27: A seven-year-old child was killed by a tiger at Amaldanda in Wangla of Sandhikharka Municipality-4, Arghakhanchi.

BHARATPUR, May 21: Three people who were killed in accidents triggered by the wind storm in Bharatpur on Friday evening have been identified. Three people, who were traveling in an auto and a van, were killed when a tree fell on them.

CHITWAN, May 21: At least three people were killed and one was injured in an auto-rickshaw crash due to a storm in Chitwan on Friday evening. They were killed in accidents at different places.

Dahal casts his vote in Chitwan

May 13, 2022 10:02 am

BHARATPUR, May 13: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal cast his vote for the local elections in Chitwan on Friday. He cast his first vote from the 'Kumatdan Center' at Police School of Bharatpur-14, Shantipur.

KATHMANDU, May 8: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that the Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba ruined his party just to secure his post of the prime minister.

CHITWAN, May 7: The Nepal Army has taken charge of the security of critical areas in view of the upcoming local level elections in the district. Accordingly, the Nepal Army has taken charge of the security of Chitwan and Bharatpur airports.

KATHMANDU, May 4: A complaint has been lodged against Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba at the office of the Chief Election Officer in Bharatpur, Chitwan, for violating the election code of conduct. According to Chief Election Office Spokesperson Purushottam Poudel.

CHITWAN, May 1: A person was killed in a tiger attack in eastern Chitwan. The District Police Office, Chitwan, identified the deceased as Narayan Dahal, 65, of Khairahani Municipality-13.

Prez Bhandari visiting Chitwan today

April 22, 2022 12:15 pm

CHITWAN, April 22: President Bidya Devi Bhandari is arriving in Chitwan today to inaugurate the Nepal Pharma Expo, 2022.

CHITWAN, April 17: The vulture breeding center at the Chitwan National Park (CNP) is to shut down. Established in 2008, the center is closing down in view of the increasing number of vultures in the wild and the breeding not becoming impactful at the center, the park officials said.

CHITWAN, April 16: Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Center), Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has said that the issue of electoral collaboration among the ruling coalition parties would be finalized by Sunday.

CHITWAN, April 9: The body of an elderly man, who went missing after he was attacked by a tiger in Khairahani Municipality-12 in Chitwan district today, has been found.

CHITWAN, April 9: An elderly man of Khairahani Municipality-12 in Chitwan district went missing after he was attacked by a tiger today.

CHITWAN, April 9: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal flagged off the 65-km cycling marathon on the banks of Narayani early today. On the occasion, Chairman Dahal said that bicycles are very suitable in all aspects and praised the organizers and the Provincial Sports Development Council of Bagmati for holding the cycling marathon.

KATHMANDU, April 4: The five parties of the ruling coalition have agreed to forge an electoral alliance  at all local levels of Chitwan in the upcoming local level poll.

CHITWAN, April 1: Bird flu has been spotted in eight different places of Chitwan district. It was detected intermittently in different areas since the past couple of days. Efforts are underway to control and prevent the bird flu outbreak in Chitwan which is considered to be the capital of poultry business.

CHITWAN, April 1: In view of the May 13 local level election, the District Administration Office (DAO), Chitwan, has urged the general public to submit their licensed weapons to the local administration.

KATHMANDU, March 27: 5P-plastic, printing, packaging, paper & processing international expo is going to be held from March 31 to April 3 at Chitwan Expo Center, Bharatpur.

KATHMANDU, March 24: The Fifth National Agricultural Mechanization Exhibition has started in Chitwan from Wednesday. Stakeholders have emphasized on the need to focus on the production of agricultural implements in the country during the exhibition.

CHITWAN, March 18: Property worth six million rupees was gutted in a fire that broke out at Khairahani of Madi Municipality-4 this morning.

Three die in motorcycle accident

March 12, 2022 09:15 am

MUGLIN, March 12: Three people have died in a motorcycle accident in Chitwan. They died on the spot when a motorcycle (Pradesh 2-03-002P 5986) heading towards Shaktikhor from Ichchakamana Rural Municipality-2 Valryang on the inner road section of Ramailo Danda, crashed on Friday.

Bird flu detected in Chitwan

February 11, 2022 14:48 pm

CHITWAN, Feb 11: Cases of bird flu have been detected in Chitwan district yet again. Bird flu, also known as H5N1, was reported in the chicken from Anita Livestock Agriculture Farm at Rapti Municipality-6 in the district.

Rhino found dead

February 8, 2022 14:00 pm

CHITWAN, Feb 8: A rhino has been found dead at Kavretaal near Baghmara post of Chitwan National Park (CNP).

CHITWAN, Feb 8: The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has been able to arrest the convict on smuggling rhinoceros horn after 23 years of the crime. Krishna Prasad Neupane, 58, from Kalika Municipality-2 in the district had been absconding for such a long time.

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: The Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal (FCAN) has expressed serious concerns over the decision of Chitwan National Park to issue an arrest warrant against contractor Shahadev Khadka of Indo-Sagun JV after a rhino was found dead in a ditch on the roadside where the construction company was at work last Sunday.

CHITWAN, Jan 28: An arrest warrant has been issued against the owner of a construction company in connection with the death of a rhino. A rhino was found dead in a roadside ditch last Sunday in Chitwan.