KATHMANDU, Jan 4: The aroma of ‘chaku’ has filled the air in various alleys and intersections of Tokha. Anyone visiting Tokha is sure to be mesmerized by the sweet scent in the air.

Let us grow yams

January 23, 2020 08:23 am

Nepalis celebrate Maghe Sakranti (first day of Magh) by consuming different tuber crops mainly yam and sweet potato. They did so this year too. Normally, people boil the yams in the evening of the last day of Poush and relish them the next morning with ghee and chaku. Generally, sesame seed Laddus, molasses, ghee, sweet potatoes and yam are included in the menu. It is widely believed that the boiled yams taken on the morning of Maghe Sakranti staves off cold-related ailments. People in Kathmandu also celebrate this festival with delicacies made from yam, ghee and chaku. That is why mountains of yams are seen in Kalimati and Balkhu wholesale markets every year during Maghe Sakranti. It has also a cultural and religious importance in Nepali society.

A Generation in making Chaku

January 12, 2019 18:38 pm

The techniques of making food are precious when it is passed down to the generation. And when the family works together it is more worthy