Youtube becoming a learning platform for school teachers

Published On: November 18, 2019 08:28 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Nov 18: During leisure hours, the teachers of Nepal Higher Secondary School of Kotgau, Rolpa, can be seen searching for studies reference videos on Youtube. Most of these teachers try their best to enter classrooms after preparing their teaching materials based on the video. Youtube has transformed into a virtual teacher for these teachers who seek the use of technology in order to teach their students. 

Even with limited resources, the knowledge obtained from Youtube has helped in achieving the quest for knowledge of these teachers. These teachers started showing growing interest in preparing subject content through Youtube after they realized that the students tend to learn more in the presence of interesting props like flowers, butterflies, printed letters and numbers — all that are colorful and interesting to look at. 

“It is easier to teach the students in an engaging way when we are prepared with materials according to what we find on the Internet. We couldn't receive training for management of educational materials, however, Youtube has made our work a lot easier,” said Anju Rokka Magar, one of the teachers of the school. “It is easy and convenient for both teachers and students” 

These days the walls of Nepal Higher Secondary School can be seen filled with educational materials used by the teachers and the students.  Both the teachers and students claim that this has created an interesting and child-friendly environment in the classroom.

The students are exited to study when they see their teachers enter the classroom with various teaching props and extra materials. It has also helped the students in understanding what they're taught in a better way. 'The teachers using props and study materials has helped us to understand things in a better way,” said the students adding, “We have the best learning environment in the classroom”. 

According to Krishna Bahadur Pun, the principal of the school, the entire school has been experiencing differences in the teacher-student relations and the learning achievements of the students. “Our teachers use extra teaching materials a lot of times and this has definitely helped in improving the learning environment in our school,” he said adding, “Due to this we have been witnessing improvement in the academic performance of our students.” 

Many people in the district believe that the entire education system can be improved if all schools start following the same way to teach their students. “It is said that students learn better by seeing and doing rather than just listening,” said Durga Bahadur Khadka, head of the district education coordination unit. “Currently only 30 percent of the teachers in the district have adopted this teaching method.” 

Save the children, an organization working in the education sector of the district has been providing education material designing training to the teachers of about 15 different village development committees of the district. However, this training hasn't reached most of the teachers of the district. In order to improvise the learning achievement of students, special efforts for the training of teachers from the side of local government is expected. 

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