Youth falls into Mahakali while crossing the river using improvised cable crossing

Published On: July 31, 2021 04:17 PM NPT By: Republica

DHANGADHI, July 31: Jay Singh Dhami, 33, of Byas Rural Municipality-2 has gone missing after he fell off the improvised cable crossing while crossing the Mahakali River to reach his home in Khalanga, the headquarters of Darchula district. The only way to reach the place is by crossing the river with the help of the improvised cable crossing and through the Indian territory.

At the time of the incident, there was also an Indian SSB man on the Indian side of the river.

The Indian police officer had warned Dhami not to cross the river, Kalyan Singh Dhami, an eyewitness said. However, Jay Sing Dhami had not paid any heed to his warning and had continued to cross the river through the cable crossing. Later, the cable got disconnected and Dhami fell into the river. According to locals, the man fell after the Indian SSB man cut off the improvised cable crossing. 

According to Narendra Bam, Superintendent of Police of the Armed Police Force (APF), it is not known yet if the improvised cable crossing had broken off or was cut from the other side. It is impossible to imagine throwing someone into the river by cutting the cable, he said. 

However, the locals have demanded an investigation into the incident, stating that the youth was killed by disconnecting the cable.

Locals have problems in reaching their destinations as the improvised cable crossing is the only means to cross the river. Although the local government has announced plans to construct a suspension or a concrete bridge to replace the cable-crossing, the plans have not been implemented. Residents around the border have suffered the most as tensions, disputes and risks grow between the two neighboring countries.

The locals complain that the political parties have been using the issue of Kalapani to strengthen their government but have not addressed the issues of the local people about having to rely on India even just to live on their land.

But, on Thursday, Jay Singh Dhami went missing after falling into the river while using the improvised cable crossing to cross the Mahakali River.

According to Jyotsana Bhatta Joshi, Chief District Officer of Darchula district, Dhami went missing after trying to cross the river on the improvised cable crossing to reach his home. Police have not found Dhami’s body so far.


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