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‘Working in Public Relations is more than just sending out press releases’

Published On: June 20, 2016 11:01 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

A 26-year-old Public Relations professional, Rashmi Agrawal is currently working as the PR Manager at Kaymu Nepal. She joined the PR industry after completing Bachelor’s in Media Science from Kathmandu University in 2012. After an internship at Prisma Advertising, she moved on to organizations like ECS Media and Advantage Group.

Now four years down the line, she is a happy PR professional who loves what she does every day. “I never really have to push myself to work. The urge to become better just keeps me going,” she says.

Here, she shares her career goals and talks about the qualities a PR person needs to stand out in the industry today.

What responsibilities do you have at your current job?
My core responsibility is to plan, develop and implement PR strategies for this e-commerce platform. I also oversee the social media, audio-visual and offline marketing activities. Other responsibilities include liaising with media personnel, writing and distributing press write-ups, coordinating and tracking media coverage, organizing events, sourcing partnership opportunities and expanding networks through good relationship building exercise.

Do you find what you do challenging?
Yes, the main challenge being the industry and not the job. Public Relations is still not a familiar concept in our country. It is difficult to make people understand what PR can do for a brand and its image. They believe that PR is just about press releases but it is a lot more than sitting behind a desk and sending out press releases. The PR industry has seen a lot of changes and has shifted from traditional practices to a completely modern approach. It will still take few more years for the industry to flourish in our country.

What are the qualities needed to excel in your line of work?
This line of work is interesting yet equally challenging. One needs to be on their toes to excel in this area. You can’t do a PR job if you want a 9 to 5 desk job. This is a profession that requires competence not only in PR but also in communication, multitasking, networking and creativity. I believe these five Ps—Passionate, Proactive, Planned, Persistent and Positivity—have helped make me a good PR professional. My willingness to learn new things everyday gives me insight on the latest trends.  

In what way are you trying to achieve your career goals?
I wish to be a successful and resourceful person in the PR industry. I would like to now explore the global trends and understand new PR practices. I am planning to get a Master’s degree soon where I will specialize in PR. I’m looking forward to broadening my knowledge and enhancing my expertise.

Which important suggestions do you want to give those interested in the PR industry?
There is a tremendous demand for PR people in the industry. With the lines between PR, marketing and advertising becoming blurred, the industry is turning to a new direction with new opportunities. PR is the right field for those who do not want a monotonous job. Get started by polishing your networking and communication skills, and keep an eye on what’s happening around you.

What helps keep an employee happy and motivated?
Independence at the workplace definitely keeps any job holder happy. If an employee just follows instructions then there is no chance for him to realize what s/he is capable of. The liberty to make decisions is also important as it gives them the opportunity to be more responsible and accountable. Other important factors are a great learning environment which helps employees grow, and recognition and appreciation at work.  
I am lucky because my office has an open work culture and an enthusiastic team.

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