With end of syndicate, new era of transport dawns in Dang

Published On: September 29, 2016 07:26 AM NPT By: Devendra Basnet

Earlier the district’s transportation potential was restricted by syndicate. With its end, a new era of public-friendly transportation has dawned in Dang.
– Gehendra Oli, general secretary of MKTPL, Dang

DANG, Sept 28: Small-sized short-route buses were not catering to the growing needs and expectation of Dang’s residents. Along with the purpose, the facilities provided by the old-designed buses were becoming a huge turn-off for travelers.

However given the circumstances, that was the only transportation facility they were getting in name of transportation service, until sometime back.

Things have changed now. There is a competition between transport entrepreneurs to provide better facilities then their rivals. So much so that some transport companies have started operating super-deluxe class long route bus services. And these new breed of buses are transporting people not only to other cities of the country but even to New Delhi. 

“We have been operating both day and night buses to several destinations. Buses that provide normal to very high-class services are in operation,” said Bharatnath Yogi, acting president of Rapti Pubic Transport Committee. “We have started direct bus service to Delhi as well. Huge numbers of people travel to Delhi from here and direct bus service between here and New Delhi has proved to be a huge relief for them. These buses provide super-deluxe services,” he added.

Transportation service to Delhi kicked off from Monday. Starting from Deukhuri of Dang, the bus travels through Lamahi, Ghorahi, Tulsipur and Amilia, entering India through the Rupaidia border and making its way into New Delhi in 16 hours. Fare for the journey is set at Rs 2080. 

“Many people from Dang go to India for job. Many others make visit it for health services and studies. So the Dang- New Delhi bus services have been received a warm welcome from the passengers,” said Yogi. 

He said that anecdotes of loot and hassles while traveling to India could be heard from number of locals. “Security has been great challenge while traveling to India. And the challenge was greater for girls and women, who would not dare to travel to India unless they had a reliable travel partner. But the bus service has effectively put an end to such concerns.” 

“Due to the direct bus service between Dang and New Delhi, passengers now feel safer and secure. They have started enjoying their travel in safe and comfortable super-deluxe buses.”

Plan for the inter-nation transportation services had long been on the committee’s plan.

However, in lack of super-deluxe buses, the plan had not materialized. As soon as it was able to bring in new deluxe buses, it started the service. 

“Dang was very backward in terms of transportation service. We were operating very old and small size buses which would cater to the need short-route transport only. People from villages had to walk to the town to catch bus and it was huge hassle to reach to other destinations of the country,” Yogi narrated. “Now, there are number of buses and public jeeps which are providing service to the locals. They head to Kathmandu and many other parts of the country at reasonable rates,” he added. 

Stating that the direct link to Delhi means ‘international’ service, Yogi stressed that such moves should be encouraged. “We are happy about it. It pays to the people in many ways. Such service providers must be encouraged,” he noted. 

Bus service from Dang to Delhi is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The buses heads back to Dang from Delhi on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Hassles of carrying luggage during travel to other parts of the country and to Delhi has ended for people of Dang and around, said Yogi. “Since they are getting service almost from their doorsteps, their time, energy and money are saved. There are many companies which are providing transportation service in Dang these days,” he stated. 

Gehendra Oli, general secretary of Malika Kali Transportation Private Limited (MKTPL) added that transport entrepreneurs are more focused on extending transportation service to nooks and corners of remote villages. Bus service from Daruwa, Hapure and Deukhuri, among other villages is the result of the same, he claimed. “We are not just profit oriented, we are service oriented as well,” said Oli adding that “People are so happy with the services.”

“Earlier the district’s transportation potential was restricted by syndicate. With its end, a new era of public-friendly transportation has dawned in Dang. Due to healthy competition practices among transport entrepreneurs, general public is now able to travel luxuriously at competitive prices,” he added.

Taxis making entry too.It is not only public bus service that is changing the scenario of Dang. Growing number of taxis in the busy streets of Dang is giving new color to the transportation service here. Pandweshwori Transportation Private Limited formally launched its taxi service in Dang on Monday. Its taxis that bear black number plate are smart and appealing in look. In the first phase, the taxis have offered service for Dang - Nepalgunj, Dang - Supadeurali (Arghakhachi) and Dang - Swargadwari routes.

“We now have taxi services available in the district for those who want it. Presently we offer these services to some select destinations, but we look forward to extend them to other destinations as well,” said Saroj Shah, president of Pandweshowri Transportation Company.

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