Why tough bosses are good for you

Published On: May 15, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, May 15: Most of us seem to be ‘blessed’ to have hard-headed, impossible to please boss in our everyday working environment. They seem to constantly be in a bad mood and are often labeled as ‘the scary one’ or ‘the bad guy’ in every employee’s vocabulary. They are the ones who set high standards and expect their employee’s to meet them head on. 

They hardly seem to be pleased and keep pushing their employees to perform better every day. They expect those working under them to keep on going and to give everything what they’ve got and more.

People seem to cower under their heated and sharp gaze. Some might wish, even pray to the mighty one above to make their aggravating boss have a change of heart and attitude. But what if one day you’re struck with reality that the ruthless, infuriating boss that you thought of as a curse was actually a blessing in disguise. While a lot of you might make huff at this statement but it is true. 

These tough managers are the ones who actually see through your façade and push you to work harder than you ever thought. You might feel restless and ready to give up on life on certain days but they are the ones who motivate you or literally drag you to the race track and force you to work harder.

They’re the ones who see your true potential and give you the correct push towards the right direction in order to keep going forward. 

Those harsh, blunt, realistic and even at times ‘sarcastic’ words uttered by your boss are meant to get to you and make you push yourself to your limits and achieve things that you never could’ve imagined. The tight schedule and rigorous work will help you to work on your weakness and strengthen you for the long-run. Just know that they always want you to be the best versions of yourself and will often push you to your limits but fear not as they have the best interests for you. 

They will never belittle you or make you think lowly of yourself. They might seem indifferent towards you but all they want for you is to see your own potential and progress in life. On some days, you might be convinced that they’re the reincarnation of evil and you might lose your cool at times but keep in mind it’s for your own benefit. They might be too blunt in pointing out your mistakes but don’t take it in a negative way for we learn from our mistakes. 

Just keep in mind that if your boss weren’t so tough; you wouldn’t be that version of yourself which you are now. If it weren’t for your boss’s tough demeanor, you wouldn’t have taken work seriously and you wouldn’t have progressed. You’d still be procrastinating and being less productive as the days pass by. 

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