'We expect very free and fair elections.'

Published On: June 5, 2017 12:50 AM NPT By: Republica

Vox Pop - Bardiya 

Make everyday life better
--Amar Singh Khadka, President, Gularyia Uddyog Banijya Bank
After the election, whoever wins should give priority to small but important matters that affect the everyday life of the people. Talking big and delivering nothing is of no use. In this context, we would like to tell the authority that Gulariya and Murtiha border points should be reopened for the convenience of the people here. We have marital bonds with the other side.

Voter's education essential
--Indra Shreshta, Operator, Babai Community Radio
The second phase of election is at the doorstep. In the first phase of election, too many ballot papers were wasted. We don't want this happening here; ballot papers must not be invalidated. For that proper voters' education is crucial. The media must highlight this issue as much as it can.

Poll deferral a bad idea
--Bir Bahadur Rokaya, representative, Nepal Bar Council 
It was not a good idea to delay the elections. The government should have done it at once. But the parties have deferred it to their convenience. People were so eager for elections; the deferral has affected the excitement. However, it must now take place smoothly. Local level election is a real evidence of the power of decentralization.

Unemployment a major problem 
--Qasim Ali Siddiqui, parliamentarian, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal
We have very poor infrastructures here. Due to the lack of job opportunities, our youths are forced to sit idle or leave the country. The first and the foremost thing we need here is employment. Let the government do what it takes to make our youths busy at some good work.

Free and fair polls
--Hari Gyawali, Mayoral candidate,  Gulariya Municipality
We expect very free and fair election. After that we must go for very planned and focused development. Roads, agriculture, tourism and so on should be promoted. Lifestyle of people should change.

Better road connectivity with India
--Prabhuram Godiya, district vice-president, Nepal Loktantrik Forum
People like us who live near the border have our own problems. We have 'roti-beti' bond with the other side of the border. Girls from there come here as brides. We need to expand better roads and border points with India.

Media is capital-centric
--Megh Nath Adhikari, leader, RPP 
We have a serious complaint; the media badly ignores the activities going out of Kathmandu. The media is very much capital-centric. This must have happened also because of disproportionate budget allocations. Whatever the center wants simply happens. If enough budget is allocated, here we could build the much-needed infrastructures for tourism promotion and so on.

Exploit natural resource
--Subash Pokharel, Social worker
The state must be able to utilize its natural resources. We have lots of such valuable things here too. If we could tap it, we would not be facing the problem of unemployment. We feel that we must first fix major infrastructures like roads, bridges, schools, hospitals.

Improve education
--Bishnu Timilsinna, local  
We must first correct the education system. Education has become very commercial. Private schools are not under the control of the government; they are charging the students as per their will. The state must ensure free quality education. And then, health is the other sector which needs an overhaul. The government must ensure people's right to health. Food security and many other things must be equally prioritized. 

Bardiya need roads
--Shambhu Rijal, local
Bardiya is very backward when it comes to road connectivity. There are a few gravel roads, but even they are full of potholes. People and transport entrepreneurs are having huge inconvenience. The political parties are not taking the Tarai roads seriously. That is why many roads which were needed upgrading are left neglected for long.

Visionary leader needed
--Rajendra Dhital, President, FNJ
There are dozens of problems in the district. Life is very hard for the general public due to the lack of basic infrastructures. If you talk about resources, this place is very rich. We have rivers, jungles, wildlife. We could promote tourism and earn enough money from that alone. But there is a need for such vision and leadership.

Technical education
Hari Joshi, Assistant Campus Chief, Gulariya Bardiya 
We don't have schools or colleges in the district for technical education. Technical or vocational education is very much important. There are 60 technical education campuses across the country but this district does not have even one of them. We must take it very seriously. 

Control floods
--Nijamuddhin Sheikh Munna, Mayoral candidate, Gulariya Municipality 
Our area is very much prone to floods. We have not been able to keep our settlements safe. The course of the river is not in our hands; all we can do is to keep our people aware and far from vulnerable areas.

Interaction with Republica media - Kailali 

Dinesh Raj Bhandari, former district president FNCCI ----- What we expect from Republic media is even wider coverage of the far western region. If we could promote religious tourism here, that would be great. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Aditya Nath Yogi has offered Rs 100,000 per person to his people for visiting Mansarover. That's so encouraging. 

Gangaram Upadhyay, former president, Nepal Bar Association - Far western region is backward in all aspects. We have no proper drinking water facility, no proper schools, colleges, hospitals. The same is the case regarding agriculture and tourism. We need to do a lot to develop this reason. 

Maheshwor Pathak - Central member CPN - UML ---- The country is now implementing the constitution. We are all on the verge of the new beginning. After this constitution is implemented we will have the end of the transitional phase. And we all must be untied to make it a success. Then we can develop the country by using our resources.

Rabinkanta Panta - Civil Society Leader ---- Our far west does not have any other concrete identity. It is rather more known for ill practices like Chhaupadi, caste and gender discrimination. But what we must understand is that such biases exist in other parts as well. We must stop focusing on such negativities. We have several good aspects; such things must come to the fore. 

Ratan Khati - game instructor ------- Far west has huge potential if you look at sports. Here we have amazing people with great possibilities. We have not been able to tap this. We have not done enough to hone their skills. Media does not shed light on such things. Media needs to highlight this side. 

Madan Raj Pandey, member of Patanjalee Peeth ----- Republica media should raise all the important issues of this place. Media can  help a great deal to develop a place by opening eyes of the policy makers. I feel that your media is too much politics centric. Social and economic issues must get regular coverage as well.  

Ganesh Nepali , teacher ------ In our place, Dalits are not given entry in temple. Such level of caste discrimination is deep rooted. First, we must bring awareness in the society. Until and unless you treat the other human being equal, you cannot imagine of a just and developed society. It feels bad that we are facing huge discrimination even in the 21st century. 

Chitra Paneru, Women activist ------ One of the biggest problem in the far west is the gender discrimination. Women's health and education hardly is most neglected. When we are not interested to get free of such discriminations, we cannot imagine of a happy and prosperous society. Economic change alone does not work. 

Padma Chand ---- Woman activist - Gender discrimination is very much deep rooted in the far western region. For instance, female feticide is very common here. As far as they have access to the testing centers, almost every couple goes for the sex test when they become pregnant. Many girls have become pregnant after being raped.  

Prabhat Kumar Chaudhari , Chairperson, Tharu Welfare Council - We are still agitating for our rights. There was a time when Tharus would be called 'pro-king'. And there was also a time when we would be tagged as Maobadis. Now, Tharus are being charged for some other 'crime'. Till when are we going to face all this?

Don't we have equal rights? 
Dev Raj Awasthi, Professor -------The state has not invested for education here. We don't have enough colleges, universities here. This is a huge discrimination. If  you don't promote education, you can't expect change in that place. We got to change basic things here. People have pathetic life in the far west. 

Shiva Hari Mudbhari - Principal, NAST college ------ We have plenty of resources here. We have aspirations, dreams. We got to fill the new generation with confidence. We must provide opportunities. Of late, our nationality has also become weak. I wonder why 'big media' are not writing enough on it. We must be serious about it. 

Shiva Sharan Chaudhari, Maiti Nepal ----Cases of domestic violence are rampant in the far west. This is happening due to several factors. Criminal cases are heart rendering. Many women have committed suicide, many are on the same line. Our society is disturbed. To better it, we need  holistic development. Similarly, impunity should end. 

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