Water birds of 41 species found in Narayani River area

Published On: January 17, 2024 02:15 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

NAWALPARASI, Jan 17: As many as 41 species of water birds have been found in the Narayani River area in the course of the water bird census this year.

Bird census coordinator at Chitwan National Park Western Sector, DB Chaudhary said that 41 species of birds have been found in the Narayani River area this year.

"In the census last year, 43 species of birds were found while 41 species were found this year," he shared. 

According to Chaudhary, eight species of birds found last year were not seen during the count this year and six species of birds found this time around were not seen last year. 

The bird census was undertaken by mobilizing four groups at Chitwan National Park towards Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta east) and Narayani river and wetland areas. 

The bird census has been carried out in the Narayani River area every year as migratory birds come to the area from different countries including Mongolia, Myanmar, Siberia, China, Russia, Thailand and Korea. 

Chaudhary said the overall number of birds has decreased this year as compared to last year. "This year too, we have seen a decline in the overall number of birds," he said, adding, "The number of birds in Nepal is gradually decreasing every year." 

Chaudhary said that the highest number of birds coming here from the northern hemisphere, including Siberia, to escape the cold, has decreased significantly this year. "This year, the number of ducks has decreased by 50 percent compared to the past," he said.

"The number of khoya ducks has decreased due to drying up of water in the Narayani River channel towards Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta East). It is said that the number of dependent birds is decreasing due to the rise in pollution in the Narayani River.

He further said that the number of birds coming here has declined due to the decrease in the food found in the river and changing state of the habitat. 

Chaudhary said the number of indigenous birds found in the Narayani River and wetlands, including the national park, has also decreased this year, which has increased the challenges in the field of bird conservation.

Baikal Gairi bird, considered the world's rarest bird, was found in Narayani River during this year's bird census. According to Bird Census Coordinator Chaudhary, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has also listed duck species in the red list of endangered species.

"Although the Baikal Gairi bird has been found in big rivers and lakes in Nepal, it has been seen for the first time in the Narayani River area," Chaudhary said. 

The birds have come to the Narayani river area for food and rest while moving from north to south.


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