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Published On: November 30, 2018 08:38 AM NPT By: Anweiti Upadhyay

A teenager’s guide to trendy wedding wear

18-year-old Simran Piya is quite the fashionista. If you scroll through her Instagram page, you will stumble across hundreds of pictures of her dressed up in the most glamorous of ways. So, we were not surprised when we found out that she is just as flamboyant and modish when it comes to dressing up for weddings and parties too. 

Piya, who is currently studying BBS at The British College, walks us through three of her favorite looks to wear to a winter wedding (or a party). A fair heads up before we begin though: She does not dress in the conventional “wedding guest wear” for women.

So, if you are somebody who just sticks to that, these looks will perhaps make you reconsider. And if you are someone who is tired of wearing the same lehengas and sarees to weddings, you will definitely get some new creative ideas on styling atypical looks at the next party you attend this winter season.

Dark, multi-layered, and sparkly
This outfit is very eccentric but the way Piya styles it and refrains from overdoing the accessories save it. Had its base been any other shade than black and grey, the whole look would probably come across as a little too overwhelming. Also, the leather jacket and the patent leather boots add a nice touch to the outfit. Both of them stand out on their own as statement pieces but also blend into the dark (but shiny) color tone of the outfit. Actually, every single piece she has incorporated in this outfit is distinctive and eye-catching on its own and matching all of them together somehow works phenomenally well. Although Piya’s hair is simply let down in her natural straight form, intricate and multi-layered braiding could give this outfit a much cooler vibe.

One stop solution
Piya mentions that she absolutely loves this gown. It’s sparkly, ruffled, and black – everything she loves. The bedazzling bodycon bodice works very well with the poofy and asymmetrical mesh skirt. And because the skirt is so billowy, she reveals that she slips in a pair of stockings or leggings underneath it to keep her legs warm. The top part of this gown is quarter sleeved too and, since it also has a double layer underneath the flashy outer fabric, this helps to keep warm during chilly nights. She suggests wearing a pair of high heels with a gown like this as it inconspicuously adds a few inches to your height (because the gown hides your shoes). She thinks a short and clean-cut neckpiece that fits similar to a choker would also work with this dress.

Stylishly simple
Compared to the other two, this look is a bit too subdued for Piya. She has styled a plain red kurta top with skinny jeans and the same synthetic leather boots from the previous look. It’s basic but that is where the charm of this look lies. Anyone can pull off this look and you can also customize it to your taste and it will still look good. Although it is a very modest and nondescript outfit, wearing it with a pair of boots instantly upgrades it to a fashion forward one. Piya has also styled a pair of hoop earrings with this outfit but kept everything else simple. You could also add a few accessories to this look to make it appear more ornate.

Piya’s personal fashion favorites 
Go-to hairstyle

I love leaving my hair down. I create a middle part, straighten it if it’s a bit messy and leave it hanging over my shoulders. I also like my hair braided but I can’t do it myself.

On a casual day out
I wear something in which I can move freely and feel comfortable in. You will mostly see me in a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt.

Everyday makeup look
I don’t like wearing makeup on a regular basis – I just do it on special occasions. I apply moisturizer on my face thoroughly and dab on a bit of lipstick because it adds a pop of color to my otherwise bare face.

To a fancy event
I will probably show up in a gown or a one piece. When I am dressing up, I usually stick to feminine silhouettes. To a more casual but fancy event, I wear a statement skirt with a nice top and a pair of boots.

Favorite fashion trend
I love the fact that glitter and shimmer are making their comeback in fashion. I really like shiny and glittery things because they stand out in all circumstances and go with anything that you wear.


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