Unidentified group sets seven houses on fire in Jumla

Published On: July 22, 2023 11:50 AM NPT By: Golden Buda

JUMLA, July 22: An unknown group has intentionally set seven different houses on fire in Guthichour Rural Municipality-4 of Jumla. 

Tika Dutta Neupane, the ward chairman said that a total of seven houses from different villages were set on fire. According to him, houses of Prem Prasad Neupane and Khada Nanda Pandey of Dhawalpur village, Kabi Dutta Neupane's house in Bauli village, Kabii Dutta Neupane's house in Khallabada, Lal Chandra Sarki's house in Khallabada and Bhim Prasad Jaishi's house in Bigare village suffered the damage.

According to Dharmaraj Joshi, Information Officer of District Police Office, Jumla, among the houses, the house of Kabi Dutta Neupane of Dandabadada suffered the most damage. Joshi said that it is estimated that the group began setting fire at around 2:30 last night.

Most of the houses were saved from further damage as the fire was detected early. He said, “An unidentified group locked the houses before setting fire to the house by sprinkling petrol.”

Jumla DSP Prahlad Karki said that a police team was dispatched from the district as soon as it was known that the fire had been set. "The police were deployed as soon as we received reports of houses being set on fire in different villages,” DSP Karki stated. "The police are at the incident site." 

The police of Jharjwala police station near Gutichour Rural Municipality also arrived on time,” he added.

Locals said that security challenges have increased as incidents are increasing day by day in Guthichaur. Similarly, Ratan Bahadur Budha's house was also set on fire at Chandannath Municipality-1 Dudakhoch in Jumla. 

A parked tractor has also been set on fire in Dhitagaon in Gutichour Rural Municipality-5. According to the police, fire was set on the tractor number 1244 of Rara Tenjing Construction Pvt. Ltd.


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