Travel trends for the next decade

Published On: January 17, 2020 10:18 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Apparently, much like everything else, traveling will also develop and change drastically in the next decade. Here are some trends that experts claim the world will see in the field of travel in the upcoming decade.

Sustainable traveling is the way to go
Sustainability has been an immensely discussed topic around the world in the last few years. And after the outcry from environmentalists, even the tourism industry seems to be willing to go eco-friendly, that is to a certain extent. As this is the industry that uses single-use plastics the most, even a little effort from this industry can go a long way in saving the environment. A number of hotels around the world—including branches of Marriott—have sworn off single-use personal care and hygiene products. Travelers are also opting to take their own refillable water bottles and reusable cutlery and straws instead of buying mineral water bottles or using plastic cutlery and straws when they travel. 

Off the beaten path routes and destinations
Experts are stating that more people will take the initiative to steer away from extremely popular destinations and even trekking and hiking routes in the upcoming decade. Overcrowding is becoming a big problem at some of the very popular tourist destinations in the past few years. This is hampering the daily activities of the locals, polluting these areas and damaging the historical structures and natural attractions at these places. The price of accommodation and virtually everything is also very high at popular destinations and routes. Keeping all of this in mind, travelers will search for similar alternatives to popular tourist destinations and go to these so-called second cities to make the best of their vacations. According to a recently collected data by the website, 51% of travelers are willing to switch to a lesser-known similar alternative from a popular destination and 54% will actively avoid overcrowding places.

Mobile phones will aid you in every phase of your travel
Technology and what it can do to make human life easier is redefining our lives. So, it isn’t a surprise to know that our smartphones will unlock everything for us when we travel in the next decade. From booking, buying and cancelling your tickets and accommodation to paying for all of your expenses when you are traveling, navigating the routes and roads for you, and helping you find the best restaurants, eateries and shops, your phone will be your guide and personal assistant all throughout your journey. Although a lot of these things are already taking place today, experts believe these facilities will be accessible to more travelers around the world and develop immensely in the coming decade. Additionally, hotels are also launching apps that will let you enter your room without physical keys and control a lot of functions in your room like the lights and temperature among other things.

Less legroom and extra fees for carry-on items during flights
As more and more people will be traveling during their free time, airplanes will try to adjust as many individuals as they can into their aircrafts. And more seats occupying the same area equals smaller section allocated for a single seat and thus less legroom. However, experts believe airplanes will try to compensate for the lack of legroom by providing extra in-flight meals to their passengers. Also, more flights will introduce non reclining seats or seats with very minimal recline to adjust with the less legroom.

Like any other business, airplane companies are also looking for ways to increase their revenue all the time. And what better way to do this in this coming decade than by charging passengers extra according to the size and weight of their carry-on luggage. Maybe because of this additional charge, passengers will finally stop bringing extra large carry-on bags and thus taking over the overhead luggage space of their neighboring passengers as well.

Transportation options other than flights
Because of its massive environmental effects, people—especially environmentalists—have started flight shaming fellow travelers. A large number of Europeans have stopped getting on domestic flights and some countries, like France, have even started putting bans on a lot of their domestic flights. A finding by states that as long as travelers are comfortable and have the option to pick unique vehicles, they are open to getting to their destinations on slower means of commute.

Additionally, more people will also try out motion-based activities like bike to boat vacations or vice versa, nature or city walks, swim specific trips and cycling tours.

Other travel trends for 2020
Hotels will do away with bathtubs because they use too much water and are difficult and time consuming to clean.

Decorations and additions—like pretty wooden swings and artsy murals—that look pretty in Instagram feeds will pop up everywhere.

More hotels around the world will introduce in-house cooking classes and experiences. 

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