Together they grow

Published On: September 2, 2016 02:00 AM NPT By: Prabin Koirala

The word father, derived from many languages of the old, including Latin, Dutch and Old English, all mean the same thing, “one who exercises parental care over another.”

And they are exactly that. Fathers are the shoulder that we learn to lean on very early and they help provide consistency, stability and structure to the family. When I was young, my father had lots of things to say to me, which I easily dismissed. Looking back now, I see how the things he said were to prepare me for life. I might not appreciate it more often but the occasion of father’s day gives me a reason to do so. 

Father’s day has been observed since the early 20th century and is celebrated all over the world on different days to recognize the contributions, and sacrifices fathers and father figures make so that their children have a better life and a brighter future. In Nepal, it is celebrated on Gokarna ausi where different ethnic groups celebrate father’s day in different ways. While some have a puja to commemorate the day, others cook for their fathers including rare delicacies like sel roti and malpuwa. 

The tradition of giving gifts has also been picked up from the western culture and has been predominant with all the children out shopping for the perfect father’s day gift. Traditionally, on the day of the new moon, children also pay respect to their deceased father, typically by going to Gokarneshwor Mahadev or jan bahal (aka Seto Machhendranath) according to their religion. 

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