Tikapur locals 'counting the days to the elections'


TIKAPUR, June 22: With the local elections less than a week away, the excitement among the public for the local elections has reached fever pitch in Tikapur. Locals said they are desperate to exercise their voting rights and elect local representatives of their choice.

Sixty-nine year's old Firu Chaudhary of Tikapur-4, Mauraniya was selling bananas on the sidewalk along the Tikapur- Khakraula road section. While asked about the local elections he said that he was counting the days to the elections. “I am eager to exercise my voting right and I just can't wait for it any longer,” he said.

June-July is very busy time for farmers. Despite that, farmers said they were excited and were eagerly awaiting the election day. “It is just a matter of one day, so it's not a big deal,” said Chaudhary adding, “We won't always get the opportunity to vote.” 

These days, political parties have intensified their door-to-door campaigns in order to woo the voters. As informed by Firu, leaders of almost all political parties along with candidates have visited his house. Candidates have been trying their best to woo the voters with their development plans for the village.  “I have already decided whom to vote for,” shared Firu.

Sandesh Shrestha of Tikapur-7 is equally desperate to take part in the historic local elections. “I am not in favor of any political party so I will cast my vote for the candidate who truly deserves to be my representative,” said Sandesh. 

Shyam Lal Chaudhary of the same village said he has serious doubts the candidates will live up to their campaign promises. According to him, they are just trying to win the election by hook or by crook. However, he is hopeful that the local elections might end political instability to some extent.

Prakash Bhandari of Tikapur-1 is a teacher. Since the announcement of elections, he has been asking people to take part in the elections. He has also been conducting trainings for villagers on how to cast their ballots. He claimed that all eligible voters in his constituency will exercise their voting right.

As many as 39,000 voters in Tikapur will cast their votes in the local elections on June 28. They will be electing a mayor, a deputy mayor and nine ward chiefs.

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