Teachers should be allowed to form trade unions, says People’s Front Nepal.

Published On: September 22, 2023 07:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: People’s Front-Nepal (PFN) has concluded that the lack of a serious review in the education bill has triggered nationwide dissatisfaction.

Opposition and controversy have arisen towards the proposed school. PFN, in a statement issued on Friday, said, “Because the education bill was introduced without a serious review and assessment of the problems and obstacles in the field of educational administration, there has been nationwide dissatisfaction, opposition, and controversy regarding the proposed bill.”

PFN stated that the party had drawn attention to the program conducted by the teachers against the bill with 17-point demands and objected to the legal exemption given to private schools in the proposed bill. "There is no effective provision in this current bill to control the tendency of the private sector to make a profit from such concessions and the exploitation of students and teachers working in those schools through education," said in a statement signed by PFN Chairman Chitra Bahadur KC.

PFN has also said that it will support the legitimate demands of the 17-point demands made public by the agitating teachers. It has also supported the demand that the right to not be subordinate to the local level, transfer, promotion, and departmental penalties should be under the central government and not the local level.

However, PFN has been insisting that there should be an increase in the jurisdiction of the local level. "Although it may seem like a contradiction that the right of transfer, promotion, and departmental punishment of teachers should be given to the federal government and not to the local level, looking at the structure and leadership of the existing municipalities, it is very biased in terms of party, and the teachers have to suffer a lot under the new restructuring after the promulgation of the constitution. Taking into consideration this situation, it is appropriate to give the central government the right to transfer, promote, and impose fines on teachers for the time being', the statement said.

PFN also said that the role of teachers has been important in various political changes in Nepal. The role of teachers was also important for the establishment of the republic. “But the proposed school education bill has banned the right of teachers to open a trade union for the benefit of their professional rights. Our party insists that teachers should be guaranteed the right of the trade union to raise their voices for their professional interests, as this act is an act of autocracy within a democratic system,” the party further said in the statement.


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