Summer skincare

Published On: August 3, 2018 10:38 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

We can all agree that summer is a rough season for our skin. Not only do we have to worry about sunburns, and sun inflicted rashes but there are also excessive sweating (and sometimes dehydrated skin because of it), fungal infections, acne, and oily skin to deal with. So a good skincare regime is a must during this season. If you don’t know where or how to start your own summer skin care then fret not because this week we got a thorough round up of how blogger and instagrammer Anup Gelal takes care of his skin during the hot summer days. 

It all starts with good cleansing
Gelal reveals that he cleans his face assiduously two times every single day. It’s best to start with a clean base before you head on to anything else regarding your skin. He uses Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx whitening and brightening face wash in the morning. He says it cleans out all the buildup on his skin from the night before and makes it clean and fresh. Although some people skip out on washing their face properly using a cleanser or a face wash in the morning, it’s very important for healthy skin, especially in summer when you sweat quite a lot during your nightly sleep. Also, your skin is healing gradually every night and washing it first thing in the morning takes impurities out from your skin’s surface. Not washing your face in the morning results in you carrying around the dead cells on top of your skin throughout the day.

Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash is Gelal’s go-to night time face wash. It deeply cleanses his skin pores relieving it of all the dirt, pollution and grease without ripping it of the essential moisture. Deep cleaning your skin at night is a must – more important than cleaning it in the morning because by the time you are getting ready for bed, your skin has accumulated a lot of dirt throughout the day. And falling asleep without washing your face means that dirt on your skin interferes with your skin’s night time healing and your skin will most probably breakout by the time morning rolls around. Gelal claims that his skin is pretty oily and cleansing his face twice everyday has proven to be a very effective remedy to tackle any skin problems. He also claims that this has reduced prominent skin blemishes formation on his skin.

Moisturizing and sun protection
As overlooked as moisturizing during summer is, Gelal claims that it’s a pivotal step for good skin. And although just lotions or moisturizers work well to replenish skin’s moisture, he actually goes out of his way to include an oil essence as he finds it to be good for his skin. His personal favorite is the Miniso Olive Essence Oil and he uses it everyday to moisturize his skin. Essential oils or oil essence are actually more cogent than lotions and creams to lock in moisture into your skin without letting it wear off over a long period of time. It’s also the perfect solution for people with oily skin type who are worried about how moisturizers are usually very heavy and that it can be very problematic for their skin during summer. Oil essences are usually very light and not at all greasy.

Sun protection is also crucial during summer to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Gelal applies a modest amount of sunscreen before he heads out for the day. He reveals that he is currently in love with the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel in SPF 50. As it’s a matte gel formula, the sunscreen is not even heavy on Gelal’s skin but the high SPF in it works very well to protect his skin. The formula also avoids oil segregation from skin for at least a few hours after application and it also has a mildly cooling effect on the skin.

Gelal’s additional tips to protect skin during summer
Stay hydrated: You lose a lot of water from your body during summer in various forms including excessive perspiration. So make sure to hydrate your body consistently.

Protect your skin from the scorching sun: Cover your skin properly before you head out for the day. Sunburns and sun allergies are very common among people who have to stay outdoors for longer time during summer.

Eat well and get a good amount of sleep: As cliché as this saying is, eating well and resting well have profound effects on your skin. Be conscious of what you eat – avoid greasy food and fast food in general. Instead indulge in foods like fruits and yogurt that have high water content and are good for your body.

Exercise on a daily basis: This is another crucial step for good skin and a healthy body in general. Exercising leads to proper blood circulation to different parts of your body including your skin.

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