Six reasons to take on extracurricular activities

Published On: May 22, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

KATHMANDU, May 22: We have all heard from our parents that we need to pass out with good grades from school to get into well-reputed colleges which tend to have high cut-off marks. But the thing is you need much more than good grades in academics to be qualified for some of the colleges which might be in your dream list. Colleges also tend to look for the certificates extracurricular activities you were involved in, during school. Here, few other reasons on why you should give importance to even extracurricular activities during school.

Builds leadership
When you get involved in various extracurricular activities, be it in sports or school clubs you will get chance to learn an important skill which your textbooks might probably not be able to teach. Getting involved in clubs or sports during school will teach you valuable lesson of leadership along with team building. Besides, when you graduate and are looking for internship or job, you can always include the awards you have won under the list achievements in your resume which might impress your boss.

Enhances skills
Taking part in extracurricular activities gives you chance to enhance your skills. Taking part in various debate or speech competitions will teach you the skill of public speaking or effective communication. Taking part in different competitions will enhance your soft skills which can later we utilized during job interview or even 
at work.

Expands social circle
Extracurricular activities will help you expand your social circle. When you take part in various competitions or are involved in different school clubs you automatically get exposed to different groups of people. When your social circle is larger you automatically have the benefit as you already have connection to number of people who can help you take the next step in your career.

They look good on resume
Some colleges look for resume that is more than just academics. A student is judged on an all round criterion. If you are a student aspiring to study abroad, it would be better to get involved in extracurricular activities and show how versatile you are.

Helps to control stress
You might not realize but extracurricular activities help you control stress. Focusing too much on academics can be boring and stressful but when you are involved in extracurricular activities it can work as an outlet to release stress.

Teaches time management
Extracurricular activities teach you the skill of time management as you are continuously involved in multi-tasking. They help develop time management skills by teaching to set priorities and be punctual at the same time. This can later help you in your job as well when you show up for your job interview.

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