School students stand against child marriage

Published On: July 24, 2018 03:10 AM NPT By: Suresh Yadav

JANAKPURDHAM, July 24: Students studying in various community schools of Dhanusha have expressed their solidarity with the campaign to curb child marriage.

A total of 50 girls participated in the program organized by the People's Awareness Campaign (PAC), Nepal on Sunday. All of them promised to fight against child marriage in front of government officials, teachers and parents.

"Child marriage is not just violence against women but it's also a social crime," said Binita Mandal, a ninth grader at a local school.

According to her, child marriage abides a girl to various social responsibilities at a tender age when she should be studying and enjoying her youth.

Chandani Kumari Yadav, a tenth grader said that child marriage is the reason behind high infant and maternal mortality rates in Nepal.

"It is wrong to marry off daughters before they reach an eligible age," said Chandani, adding, "The law is against it but still it is widely prevalent in the society. We must make efforts to uproot this ill tradition."

Sunita Yadav, a maternity health worker of Janakpurdham, informed that these days more number of children are getting married not because of the pressure of parents but due to their own will. By going against their family members, school-going children get married to each other by threatening their parents to attempt suicide, according to her. Yadav stressed that efforts should be taken to control this practice.

Mira Mishra, chief of the Women and Children's Office, informed that the laws formulated against child marriage should be strictly implemented. The program organized on Sunday made the students aware about their rights and their responsibilities.

Representatives of various government authorities urged all the people to be serious about curbing the ill tradition as well as unethical practices seen in the recent days due to the use of technology.

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