Sajha Party issues guideline to make its diplomatic conduct transparent (with full text)

Published On: June 24, 2019 02:26 PM NPT By: Sanskriti Acharya

KATHMANDU, June 24: Sajha Bibeksheel Party has issued a 13-point diplomatic guideline for its leaders to make party's official meetings, and communications with foreign governments, officials and diplomats, including international organizations in Nepal and their representatives, more systematic and dignified.

Unveiling its diplomatic guideline on the official website, the Rabindra Mishra-led party said that the meetings the political parties and their leaders have had with members of Nepal-based diplomatic missions and intelligence operatives have generated misgivings that they stand in the way of Nepal’s self-respect, stability and development.

"Similarly, the direct-indirect roles played by international NGOs in the country’s politics, too, have been controversial. The unnecessary relation with foreigners is an important yet complicated issue in Nepalese politics," the party has stated.

To make its diplomatic conduct more transparent, the party issued this public guideline hoping that other parties and their leaders will follow similar guideline, the party added.

Here is the full text of 13-point diplomatic guideline issued by Sajha Bibeksheel Party for its leaders:

1. Unless otherwise approved by the Foreign Affairs Department of the party, or in case of formal programs, no Central Committee member shall take part in other programs by any embassy.

2. Approval by the Foreign Affairs Department is mandatory for any meeting of political nature with any member of foreign embassy or any foreigner. Another leader designated by the Foreign Affairs Department shall also be present in any such meeting.

3. Any meeting so approved by the Foreign Affairs Department shall take place either at the party office of Bibeksheel Sajha or at a neutral venue.

4. Members of the Central Committee shall not invite ambassador or foreign staff in their places of residence. Prior approval from the Foreign Affairs Department shall be required if such meeting has to take place.

5. Concerned desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be notified by the party about any meeting with any member of foreign embassy approved by the party’s Foreign Affairs Department. If necessary, representation by the ministry official shall be requested in such meetings.

6. Central Committee members of the party are forbidden from meeting any members from intelligence agencies.

7. Any unexpected meeting shall be immediately notified to the Foreign Affairs Department of the party.

8. If any embassy or INGO sends a direct invitation to a central leader of the party to any program that has political meaning or implication, s/he shall request them to send the invitation via party headquarters. The Foreign Affairs Department of the party shall decide whether and whom to send on behalf of the party.

9. For programs that do not have political meaning or implication, simple notification to the Foreign Affairs Department shall be enough. Such meetings can take place on self-decision but the Foreign Affairs Department shall be consulted in case of any doubt.

10. If necessary, the Foreign Affairs Department may solicit counsel on sensitive matters from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, independent foreign policy experts or former protocol officers of the Ministry.

11. In matters not listed in this guideline or in case of any complications, Central Committee members shall notify the Foreign Affairs Department and the latter shall take the final call. The level to which these guidelines will be enforced shall be determined in course of party’s expansion.

12. Since no party has issued guidelines like these before, in case of any difficulty that arises in course of its implementation and in case of any possible effect on relations with foreigners, Central Committee members may request the latter to understand the limitations put on them by this guideline.

13. If these guidelines are breached, the Foreign Affairs Department may seek clarification and recommend for disciplinary action.


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