Rural municipality to slash salary of employees admitting children in private schools

Published On: May 27, 2018 10:53 AM NPT

ILAM, May 27: The Maijogmai rural municipality in Ilam will be depriving its representatives and employees of three percent of their salaries if they admit their children in private schools. 

The rural municipality endorsed the Education Act and issued an order for slashing three per cent of the total salary and allowance amount of public officials, employees and teachers receiving Nepal Government's facilities if they are found to have enrolled their children at private schools. 

The amount slashed from the salaries and allowances will be deposited in the rural municipality's reserve trust. 

Rural municipality's Chairman, Jeet Bahadur Rai, said the decision taken to minimize inequality will be strictly implemented. He added that the decision had to be taken as teachers under government payroll were found to have admitted their children in private schools. RSS

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