Road or a death trap?

Published On: June 30, 2023 08:59 PM NPT By: Ashwin Regmi

Roads have become a bigger issue than drafting laws, and for God’s sake, if citizens are dying, who are the laws for?

The infamous Kulekhani-Sisneri-Pharping road has seen multiple accidents and deaths throughout the year. Had the Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (KTFT) been constructed within the given deadline, the number of deaths we have witnessed wouldn’t have been so high. I took the same road, and to be honest, it was a disaster! My life was in peril!

KTFT has seen approximately 25% completion in 6 years, and, mind you, we will be witnessing more deaths as it might become the next elephant in the room- an elephant that’s big, murderous in nature, and definitely inevitable. Hoping I am wrong but by the time it is completed, the government might as well put itself behind the bars for possible lives at stake!

Thousands of meticulously calculated tenders flying around offices; government bids; and, policies: Do any of them care about our lives? No, sirree!

It’s sure the federal government still has centralizing tendencies- most probably “neighbor-licking” tendencies and is centralized only within the vicinity of the capital, especially around Baluwatar, with its undivided attention to the not-so-worthy “dictator hunt”. Wasn’t the Constitution and the carnage meant for the people?

Moreover, our con artists are debating and discouraging students and workers from leaving the country and mass calling them back but their principles and actions lean otherwise.

I moved to Nepal after a corporate life in the States to grow old with Nepal, not considering the roads and certainly not knowing that I might get myself killed here. As a green automotive freak always behind the wheels and considering the gravity (which seems to tumble off the cliffs frequently), I might as well argue the toss!

Real people are dying. It is imperative that we do something, that the “chairs” do something!


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