Republica’s three questions to Darchula candidates

Published On: November 7, 2017 06:30 AM NPT By: Republica

With the elections inching closer, election fervor is gripping politicians and voters alike across the country. In this context, Republica talked to the candidates for the parliamentary and provincial election from Darchula centering on the rationale behind their candidacy, their three major agendas and the challenges their candidacy is facing. Excerpts: 

Bikram Singh Dhami (54), 
Nepali Congress candidate

I have been involved in politics since my college days and I have always democratic political principles. Later I formally joined Nepali Congress and got further engaged in the welfare of the country. It is because of my contribution and dedication to democracy and to the party, that I am contending this election. 

This election is vital to change the course of the country. If I am elected, then during my tenure I will be focusing on developing better roads, providing better health and education services. And promoting gender inclusion in all of these and another development initiative will be my primary focus. Roads are the backbone of development, without it developing other areas is very difficult. Right now we have very poor roads, so I will be focusing on making roads that are usable. Health and education should be easily accessible to the general people and I will put in all efforts required to ensure that. Ensuring gender equality in all aspects of development will be crucial in creating basis for a balanced society. 
Major challenges that our campaign is facing are shortage of resources, remoteness of some electoral areas and at times discord between political parties. 

Ganesh Singh Thagunna (50), 
CPN-UML candidate

We have to institutionalize all the major achievements of federalism. We are gearing up for institutionalizing an entirely new system in the country. This is historical. I am both excited and very much concerned about the election and the results it would bring. So my candidacy is for the development of the district and the country as a whole. I have worked in the district for many years in the district and have contributed in making it a better place. I hope that the voters will consider it while making their choice. 
My priority areas are improving health and education services, making better roads and generating employment opportunities in the district. I have worked in promoting these areas in the past and the same remains my top priority. Apart from that, other crucial areas where intervention is necessary are modernizing agriculture and promoting tourism.
I feel that the greatest challenge in the election is the new political alliance. Though this has been done for good cause, managing the aspirations of cadres of alliance partners is sometimes very troublesome. 

Madan Giri (50), 
Nepali Congress candidate

I have been chosen for my dedication to development of the district, democracy, and to the citizens. We have to do a lot for developing this district in a very little time and I am committed to making that happen. 

My agenda includes generating employment opportunities, building physical infrastructures and promoting tourism in this district. By prioritizing these areas, we will be able to lay down the foundation of a prosperous and vibrant society. To achieve these goals, I will focus on formulating plans that stress on engaging youths in development activities. This will ensure the basis required for sustainable development. Providing equal employment opportunities to women in all aspects of development initiative is another crucial element in creating a gender-friendly society. Empowering women economically is an important factor to reduce violence against women. 

One of the major challenges we are facing right now is the lack of transportation facility to several locations. Considering the short time frame we have for the elections, it is very hard to visit all the electoral area, but we are reaching out. 
Gelbu Singh Bohora (50), 
CPN-UML candidate 

I want to do social work through politics. Nothing is devoid of politics. If we want to make bigger impact on the society, we have to be actively involved in politics. I have been interested and involved in social work since childhood and my interest in politics developed later. I gave my candidacy, to serve the district, the country and strengthen the values of our party. I am very much thankful that the party trusted me for this and I hope that voters would evaluate me accordingly and cast their votes supporting me. 

My three agenda include maximizing the use of our natural resources, generating employment and providing better health and education services in towns and remote areas of the country.

The new alliance is a challenge because sometimes there is lack of coordination among alliance stakeholders. Apart from that, since I am new politics and election campaigns, I am finding it a little challenging. 

Jagadish Bahadur Pal (48), 
Nepali Congress candidate

I have been involved in politics since my childhood days and throughout these years I have always devoted my efforts to the promotion of democracy and to the welfare of the people. I am grateful that the party considered my commitment to democracy and to the party and provided this opportunity. 

I have some concrete plans ahead for ensuring the development of the district. Our district is rich in natural resources and this is should be fairly used to foster development. My three agenda is generating employment opportunities for the youths, construction of roads and other development infrastructure and availing better health and education services that the common people can afford. 

Our election campaign has become very costly due to the remoteness of the villages. It is very difficult to reach some areas as there are no roads. 

Maan Singh Dhami (40), 
CPN (Maoist Center) candidate

My candidacy is for ensuring the welfare of the poor and marginalized people. I want to fight for equal opportunity as I have been doing this for many years. I think equality is vital to creating a just and peaceful society. And our party stands for them, the poor and the marginalized. 

My struggle for inclusion and equality goes on and this candidacy is just an indicator that I am in the right direction. Tomorrow, if people support me, hopefully, I will be able to bring programs that will make their life better. My three to top agenda is providing power supply to all villages, end of all kinds of social discrimination and foster economic growth. 
The election campaign is very expensive. That is the greatest challenge for me. Apart from that managing, the alliance partner has also been a challenge.

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