Proposals for amendment of 79 laws

Published On: May 12, 2023 07:30 PM NPT By: Ishwari Subedi

KATHMANDU, May 12: The government has introduced some Nepal Act amendment bills that attack the very essence of the Criminal Code.

With the major political parties' consensus, the government has registered the bill for amending various laws in the parliament secretariat on Thursday.

This bill has been registered to amend 79 laws in order to release even those facing criminal charges. In the 64th section of the bill, provision has been made to amend the National Criminal Procedure Code, 2017.

Section 116 of the Criminal Code mentions the provision that criminal cases cannot be withdrawn. But in Section 116 (a) it is added that the political case against a party or group can be withdrawn to bring them into the mainstream of politics peacefully.

If this arrangement is approved by the parliament, a person who is in prison for being involved in criminal activities in the name of politics can be released from prison with political consent if he promises to join peaceful politics. In the amendment bill, it is written that the cases of criminal offenses against leaders and activists of political parties or groups can be withdrawn even if they are pending at any level of court.

Section 116 of the National Criminal Procedure Code made after extensive discussion in the House of Representatives stipulates that cases involving human trafficking, drugs smuggling, citizenship related crimes, criminal cases prosecuted as government plaintiffs related to rights, interests or concerns of  criminal nature cannot be withdrawn.

In the amendment bill, 79 laws have been proposed including the National Criminal Procedure Code, 2017, Police Act, 2012, Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020, Scholarship Act, 2021, Insurance Act, 2079.


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