Prithivi Highway faces routine obstruction from mudslides

Published On: September 2, 2018 08:08 AM NPT By: Sarita Shrestha

DHADING, Sept 2: The Prithivi Highway in Dhadhing section gets obstructed almost on a daily basis these days. As soon as it rains, debris of mud and soil get collected along the highway, obstructing vehicular movement at various places. 

When driving along the highway, drivers hardly have any idea when and where their path might be obstructed. Locals say the recurring problem has made it very difficult for the commuters.

The unmanaged extraction of resources close to the highway and construction of numerous off-roads from the highway have been blamed for the pathetic condition.

“Not only has it affected the beauty of the highway, but the commuters are also suffering a lot,” said Tilak Chepang, a local. “This is the result of haphazard and unplanned use of dozer in road construction.”

Just above the highway, there is Hetauda Cement Factory, which is responsible for haphazardly extracting resources.  “Effects of such activities are seen when it rains. Due to weakening of the land by such activities, even 15 minutes of rain brings debris of landslides in the highway, obstructing it,” added Chepang. 

Especially, places along Naubise-Mugling road section, including Jahare, Chalise, Maheshdovan, Jawankhola, Trikangkhani and Mauwakhola, are heavily affected. These places are affected by landslides and debris every year. However, there has not been any initiative from any side to resolve the issue. 

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