Pokhara Metropolis clears basement of its own building for underground parking

Published On: September 29, 2022 04:15 PM NPT By: DHAN BASNET

POKHARA, Sept 29: As the problem of parking in the market areas worsens, Pokhara Metropolitan City (PMC) has cleared its underground floor for parking.

After the problem of parking on the streets increased, PMC was heavily criticized. The metropolis has also decided against the trend of parking vehicles on the streets. Now that the metropolis has opened the underground parking of the building it owns at Srijana Chowk, the general public will have easy parking.

Some of the buildings with underground parking constructed in the city are being used against their purpose, so the metropolis has opened the underground parking in its own buildings.

The metropolis issued a 35-day notice to use the underground parking lots in Pokhara for parking purposes on August 29. Dhanaraj Acharya, mayor of the metropolis, said that the campaign was started by vacating the metropolis’s underground parking lot. "This is a start, and I would like to request all the buildings  with underground parking space in Pokhara to vacate them and use them for parking," said Mayor Acharya.

He said that even after the end of the notice period, those who fail to comply with the notice will be dealt with according to the law. He said that there is no alternative to clearing the underground parking spaces and using them for the same purpose. He asked the businessmen to relocate their businesses operating in the underground parking spaces within the stipulated time.

Surendra Poudel, senior engineer of the metropolis, said that during the monitoring, some businessmen had already vacated the underground parking lots. According to him, more than 250 buildings within PMC have underground parking space. 


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