Pilgrims throng Devghat Dham on Shrawan's first Monday

Published On: July 23, 2018 12:30 PM NPT

CHITWAN, July 23:Pilgrims have thronged sacred pilgrimage site Devghat Dham today to observe the Asar Shukla or Harisayani Ekadashi and the first Monday in the Nepali month Shrawan as well.

Devotees pack into the temple for worship on the first Monday of Shrawan every year with the belief that one can get blessings from worshipping at the temple. Their worship begins after taking a holy bath. 

Worshippers started thronging the temple since early morning today, said Madan Mishra, General Secretary of the Devghat Dham Conservation Trust. At least 150,000 pilgrims are expected throughout the day, he said. 

The number of devotees will increase in coming days as Bolbom fair, the religious event dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva is taking place from July 30, he said. 

Meanwhile, the Devghat Area Development Committee has urged pilgrims to stay alert to increasing water level in the local river. RSS

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