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Published On: April 13, 2018 08:32 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

All of us spend quite some time taking photos every opportunity we get. And there are lots of things we do after taking photos for that one perfect post on Instagram. But rather than always using filters and editing your photos, why not create a look that is camera ready instead? Here beautician Lata Poudel from Shringar Kendra in Hattiban, Lalitpur, has some simple tips and tricks that will considerably reduce your photo editing time.

Layer on foundation
Be it to cover breakouts, dark spots or reduce redness of the face, foundation is often the go-to product. So, while getting picture-ready, always begin with correct shade of foundation after putting on moisturizer. Choose a foundation that is at least two or three shades lighter than your skin color.  Use clean and dry hands to apply it thoroughly to your face so that no crease is left. By now, your skin may look a bit pale, so have your finishing touch either with matte spray or blend it with a setting powder. You can also find picture-perfect foundation, already comprising both matte or setting powder in the market. With this, you can get ready for any kind of light in just a matter of minutes. All you need is a bit of touch up. 

Focus on the eyes
Everyone wants big, bright eyes. To make your eyes stand out in the picture, start by applying a bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. But it is completely optional. Once you have done this, use a bit darker shade for your eye shadow. For those going without a highlighter, clear light to medium shade eye shadow will work just fine. You can also add a dab of shiny color eye shadow while using a darker shade. Blend the colors lightly using a clean brush or a sponge applicator before proceeding towards the eyeliner.

Say no to SPF 
Sunscreens can be a savior and protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent tanning. But, when it comes to taking pictures, it might just get in the way. Experts say that during indoor shoots, flash from the cameras seem to bounce back from your face. However, SPF is not regarded as a serious concern for outdoor shoots where flash is rarely needed. Lately, many cosmetics product like foundations and concealers come with built-in SPF benefits. You can use such products. If not, apply less SPF than you would otherwise use. 

Shape it up
Contouring seems like a scary and difficult task. But the right application can do wonders. It can give all over definition to your cheekbones and your jawline and slim your face. To create high cheekbones, grab a highlighter that suits your skin type and apply it on the top of your cheekbones towards the outer corner of your eyes with your fingertips. This little trick with the highlighter will instantly give structure to your face. Then for the jawline, tilt your chin up to the ceiling and, at a downward angle, sweep bronzer across it on either side of your chin. The bronzer must be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Now, add about a two-inch line with your highlighter. This will add a shadowed dimension to your chin. Blend it well for a natural look.

Pay attention to your lips
When it comes to the lips, you need to make them appear soft, glossy, and symmetric. So, use a lip balm, lip cream or petroleum jelly before applying lipstick. Just a colorful lip balm or a lip gloss will work well for regular selfies. But, remember not to use shimmery or shiny ones. For special events, you will have to spend a few extra minutes. First of all, outline your lips using a lip pencil or liner. It should be at least one shade darker than your lipstick color. Make sure to trace a smooth and thin line on your lip line. Now, carefully apply the lipstick using a lip brush. Medium shades or creamy formula lipsticks are highly recommended here. Take a tissue, fold it in a half and place it between your lips. Gently press them together to reduce smudge. Finish it up with a layer of lip gloss. 

Make sure your hair is styled
Hair also plays a crucial role in giving your face a definite structure. It is always better to wash your hair before you style it. Select hairstyles that will go well not just with your face or complexion but also with your outfit as well. However, strictly avoid extreme hairstyles because you obviously don’t want your hair to look bigger than your head or appear slick. Only use those styling product that you are sure will give a natural look and won’t make your hair appear stiff and unnatural.

Some important camera trick
For a portrait picture, ask your photographer to shot slightly above your eye line. This will minimize the appearance of your chin or neck area. One can also make use of gridlines to balance the shot. On the other hand, when it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up. Hold the phone or camera in such a way that the bottom of the gadget is at your eye level. Also, do not stare directly into the camera. Try to look at the screen instead.

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