Palpa farmers embrace mechanization for better yields

Published On: July 4, 2016 12:40 AM NPT By: Mukti Prasad Nyaupane

PALPA, July 4:Karna Bahadur Chidi, a farmer of Kaseni in Palpa, stopped tilling his field with oxen seven years ago. He has been preparing land for cultivation by using tractors ever since. Other farmers in the village followed his footsteps and stopped rearing oxen altogether.

Mechanization of agricultural systems is a growing trend in many Palpa villages. Farmers are finding use of tractors to till land easier and cheaper compared to oxen. Furthermore, grant provided by the government is encouraging local farmers to adopt mechanization.

Krishna Prasad Aryal, a farmer of Rampur VDC, said many farmers are attracted toward farm equipment like tractors and tiller as use of these equipment has cut cost of farming. “Tractors are tillers are easier to use and more efficient,” added Aryal.

District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) of Palpa has been providing 50 percent grant to farmers on purchase of power tiller and mini tiller.

 Agriculture Development Officer Rajendra Koirala said that farmers have found tractors more efficient compared to traditional farming tools. “Not only tractors and tillers, local farmers have purchased threshing machine by forming groups. The government has also provided grants for such equipment,” he added.

Over 1,000 farmers in 49 VDCs of Palpa are using different farm equipment, according to government officials. However, the number of farmers using such equipment is higher as they take such equipment on hire during cultivation or harvesting season.

Statistics of DADO shows that the government provided 50 percent grant to local farmers to purchase 14 power tillers, 46 mini tillers and one thresher in the last fiscal year. In addition to that, farmers also have used machine to cut fodder to feed their livestock.

Farmer of Rampur VDC Yamkanti Adhikari said that the women farmers are much benefitted by this machines that turns fodder into pieces. "It's not only easier but also helps using fodder efficiently while feeding animals," added Adhikari.

Local farmers say farm mechanization has increased production of different crops.

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