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Published On: November 16, 2018 08:45 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Ordering food online and having it delivered at your doorsteps within an hour or less have made things a lot easier these days. You don’t have to go out to eat on days you don’t feel like having home-cooked meals. But sometimes deciding which restaurant to order from and pouring over the menus can be tiresome as well. Now, you can simply log on to 911 Food Express and choose from a wide range of dishes and enjoy them from the comforts of your home. 

911 Food Express, founded in 2016 by Genius Magar, 25, Robin Lamsal, 26, and Kshitiz Maharjan, 24, is an online food delivery service that has its own menu and kitchen, thus making the whole process of choosing and getting food much easier and faster. With a wide variety of options ranging from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian such as different types of momos, fried rice, biryanis, sandwiches, burgers and drinks among many others, 911Food Express has been able to create a steady customer base. Magar claims that the growth of 911 Food Express has doubled in the past two years and that they have over 1500 registered customers at the moment.

“A lot has changed in the two years we have been in operation. We have focused a lot on social media promotion, and we have even tweaked our menu for the better after a lot of experience and customer feedback,” says Magar. He further explains how initially they even had a sales team that went from office to office and house to house to hand out leaflets to promote their venture. He adds that this strategy definitely helped their business, as those offices that received the leaflets are the ones that are their regular customers till date. 

However, even though the team was very young, with all of them in their early 20s, when they started 911 Food Express, they all agree on the fact that it wasn’t that hard to start this new venture, especially with the passion and motivation they had. “The passion and enthusiasm to start something like this at a young age was there. You would think that financial matters would act as constraints even though the drive was there. But, since there were four of us, it wasn’t hard to invest financially as it would be if supposedly only one of us had done it alone,” says Magar adding that they all had the experience and knowledge to start such a venture too, as they had completed their bachelors, and had done various internships and jobs in similar sectors both in Nepal and abroad. 

However, not only are the owners knowledgeable and accomplished the chefs are also equally talented. 911 Food Express takes pride in having skilled chefs who have had work experiences in multiple restaurants both in Nepal and abroad. Their menu for home delivery is already very extensive and they have recently added cakes and drinks too. This makes 911 Food Express perfect for catering events such as birthday parties, picnics, etc. 

Another good thing about 911 Food Express is that they purchase most of their ingredients from the local market. The owners realized early on that they have to do this so as to be able to help other local businesses too. 

911 Food Express is open every day from 9 am to 11 pm. Orders can be placed through their website, phone, Viber, Facebook, and Instagram. They accept online payment methods such as eSewa and PayPal as well, making it easy for foreign customers to place orders from abroad for their loved ones here. There is no minimum order and no service charge. However, the delivery charge depends on the location.

Chicken Biryani
Price: Rs 360
Rating : ****
Biryani lovers, you have got to try this. We all know how it feels when you order a biryani and get yellow rice with a lot of oil and tasteless chicken. This is a biryani you will want to order over and over again. Not only are the varieties of spices rich and make your taste buds tingle, but the serving of chicken is very generous too, which is never a bad thing. The biryani smells oh-so-good and tastes divine. 

Mixed Pizza
Price: 620 
Rating: ****
For meat lovers out there, this mixed pizza is the perfect option. With yak cheese, mozzarella, meatball, chicken, tomato, corn, salami and various different spices, there isn’t much you can’t find on the pizza. However, while the combination of all these different types of food may seem a bit unusual, it works wonderfully well. The crusty dough, crunchy corn, and the soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside meatballs among many other things make this pizza an absolute delight.

Chhoila Momo 
Price: Rs 220
Rating : ****
With momos made in kothey style, in local mustard oil and spicy chhoila sauce, a plate of this momos is unlike any other. While still retaining the typical momo taste we all love, it certainly has its own slightly spicy and savory kick to it. The dough isn’t too thick, the amount of meat inside is just right, and all the spices are mixed perfectly to satisfy your momo cravings.  

Kashmiri Naan and Curry 
Price for 
Naan : Rs 150 
Price for Chicken Tikka Masala: Rs 300 
Rating : *****
This Kashmiri naan isn’t your typical naan, as it is filled with different nuts. It’s the tastiest naan you will ever have. As for the curry, it’s skewered chicken tikka in a thick gravy of tomato, cashews, and onions. The dish is sweet, spicy, and savory at the same time. Don’t even ask us how that’s possible. It’s just that good with the chicken tikka cooked to perfection. 

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