Much effort required for development with political stability: Chair Dahal

Published On: January 13, 2018 06:59 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, Jan 13: CPN (Maoist Centre) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the leftist alliance has to put in a lot of effort for achieving economic development with political stability in the country. 

"The coming days are not easy for the leftist alliance. There are many challenges. It is necessary to take the nation towards the political stability and economic prosperity by tackling the challenges," he said. 

Stating that the Nepali people have institutionalized the agenda of political stability, economic prosperity and good governance by giving around two-thirds majority votes to the leftist alliance, the Maoist Center chairman opined that the achievement made so far were the results of great efforts. 

Chairman Prachanda said this while addressing the programme organized by the Deshbhakta Ganatantrik Manch (Patriotic Republican Forum) to honor artists and litterateurs here on Saturday. 

Also the former Prime Minister, Prachanda said making the country prosperous and taking the Nepali people towards the path of prosperity by addressing their aspiration was the major responsibilities at present. 

Stating that the CPN (UML) and the Maoist Centre are going for unification with the goal of forming a powerful communist center, he argued that political stability was necessary even to address the aspirations of the Nepali people since a long time. 

He said they have already easily fulfilled the nation's main responsibility of implementing the constitution and holding the elections of all the three levels and the age of making Nepal a prosperous country has begun. 

"There was a big anxiety in the Nepali people whether or not the constitution would be implemented even though it was made and whether or not the rights achieved by them would be institutionalized. This worry has now been removed and the country was focused towards the direction of political stability," he said. 

The Maoist Centre Chair said the leftist alliance would properly address the responsibility of establishing Nepal as an able and strong country by attending to the promotion of good governance, prosperity and stability as these were the nation's major duty. 

Political analyst Prof Dr Surendra KC said all should extend constructive contribution for institutionalizing the political change, stressing that the political leadership should make sincere efforts towards addressing the public aspirations. 

On the occasion, leader Prachanda honored various individuals making a special contribution to the society through art, culture and journalism. 

Chairperson of the Manch, Baba Basnet said the Forum has started the tradition of honoring the personalities in the art, culture and journalism sectors for promoting the culture of respecting those individuals who make a positive contribution to society. RSS

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