Mid-hill road construction disrupts water projects in Dailekh villages

Published On: June 17, 2019 08:31 AM NPT By: Govinda KC

DAILEKH, June 17: Thatikath Drinking Water Project which was recently completed and was about to be inaugurated has been severely affected due to an ongoing mid hill highway road project in Thatikath Rural Municipality. Water pipes laid at Bisalla area of the rural municipality have all been damaged due to the road construction. Lack of coordination between the drinking water and road departments has been blamed for the fiasco. 

While locals are enraged over the development, chairperson of the rural municipality, Dhir Bahadur Shahi, assured that no more damage would be done to the pipes. “We are looking into the matter seriously. We have been trying to solve it,” he said. The water project was constructed at the cost of Rs 10.7 million.

The road project has also affected water pipeline in Naumule Rural Municipality. The rural municipality chairperson Bhade Budhamagar said that he is trying to prevent further damage. “We cannot obstruct the construction of the national pride projects like the Mid-Hill Highway project. But we are trying to take care of our local projects that are crucial for us,” he said. “We are trying to our level best to allow the construction of the road without hampering the drinking water project,” he added.

Construction of the Mid–Hill highway, which is expected to bring prosperity to several villages and towns once it is completed is under development since the last few years. While some section of the road is being widened, new tracks are being opened in some other areas. These have disrupted electricity lines and water pipelines in many areas.

Mayor of Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality Surya Bahadur Shahi states that water crisis is prevailing in the region. “We need to invest for overcoming water scarcity in our area,” he said.

He stated that local bodies are trying to address the problem. The local representatives have been talking with the provincial government as well in this regard. “To initiate big water projects, we need a big budget. We have been in talks with higher authorities.

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