Married women prefer their friends to their husbands: Study

Published On: April 7, 2018 05:14 PM NPT By: Agencies

Getting married is often pegged as one of the happiest day of a person's life, as you have finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

However, that part about spending time with your spouse isn't exactly contractual and you are more than obliged to spend just as much time with your friends.

Now a survey conducted by Champneys Health Spa suggests that more than 50 per cent of married women prefer to spend time with their best friends as opposed to their husband.

1,517 women from the UK were involved in the research, which is unlikely to shock many but won't be pleasant reading for husbands around the country.

The results would seem logical especially as they were conducted by a spa, which is traditionally seen as a retreat for women, so it's likely that a lot of those who took part valued their time with their girlfriends.

That being said the primary reason for preferring friends of husbands was that they understood each other, closely followed by the key attribute of actually listening to what another person is saying.

The full list of reasons can be read below.

•             We can talk about everything (57%)

•             She listens more (45%)

•             I can tell her things I could not tell my partner (44%)

•             We enjoy the same things  (41%)

•             We laugh until we cry (39%)

•             I can truly be myself (29%)

•             We go back much further (29%)

•             She offers better advice (28%)

•             She is less irritating (26%)

•             We have much more in common (25%)

•             She has a better sense of humour (19%)

•             We go wild when we’re together (18%)

In addition, 30 per cent of women said that they prefer to have boozy lunches with their friends and 60 per cent said that they have a better time if no men are there at all.

Basically, men need to do better and be more accommodating and considerate of their wives wants and needs. It's a story old as a time that is no less depressing to hear in 2018.

No stats exist from the survey in regards to gay women or women that are yet to wed. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see the results that men offered when asked the same questions.


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